Cryptocurrency dashboard



The designers at Rentech Digital ensure that the cryptocurrency website wireframe offers a clean navigation path from the time of signing in to the final user destination on the website. Each page of the website is given due consideration to enhance the UI/UX.


Design System


Visual View


The user dashboard will have a brief overview of all the cryptocurrencies, the present total value of cryptocurrencies, market overview and the top cryptocurrency investments.

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The coins tab will give individual cryptocurrency details like the number of coins, value and recent transactions of that crypto coin.



The crypto wallet stores the information about the cryptocurrencies held by the user. The list of cryptocurrencies with their values is listed here.



The buying or selling of various cryptocurrencies takes place here. The cryptocurrencies can be bought with fiat money or can be traded in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.



The user can edit settings like contact details, stored payment method details, password, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

The developers at Rentech Digital integrate a live chat API to display the live chatbot on the website. Another way to ensure good customer support is to attach a contact form to the website. This is to be integrated into a separate email id created exclusively for resolving customer queries.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. A fiat currency is a physical form of currency whose trading is allowed by the government. The dollar, euro and yen are examples of fiat currency. The users need fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies. Also, they can encash cryptocurrencies for fiat money.
A cryptocurrency website, usually, offers crypto-to-crypto trading, fiat-to-crypto trading and vice versa. This is beneficial to the users. Rentech Digital offers end-to-end solutions in cryptocurrency website development. We design the website as per the customer’s business needs.
Cold storage is basically a cryptocurrency wallet that has no access to the internet. This is done to secure cryptocurrencies from online hackers. The cold storage forms are pen drives and printing the public and private keys on paper. The major portion of the cryptocurrencies are stored in the cold wallet and only that portion that is to be transacted is transferred to the hot wallet. The hot crypto wallet is connected to the internet and is not considered too secure. Any trading is carried on by transferring the cryptocurrency from the hot wallet.
The cryptocurrency website can ensure security through two-factor authentication. Using ReCaptcha for admin and user login is another level of security. Also, the IP address verification ensures an extra level of security to prevent access from unknown IP addresses.
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