Taxi Booking App

The on-demand taxi booking service is a boon in high-traffic cities. It helps people hire taxi services and reach destinations faster.
Rentech Digital offers on-demand taxi booking app development services. Our team provides custom end-to-end solutions in taxi app development aimed at making taxi ride selections simple and easy.

01 Style Guide

Taxi Booking Workflow
The on-demand taxi app driver panel workflow design starts with knowing the customer business needs. A good logical flow of functions makes sure that the end-user completes the journey from start to finish seamlessly.
Taxi Booking Wireframe
The on-demand taxi app driver panel wireframe is a visual extension of the workflow in the mobile app form. Rentech Digital ensures that the navigation is seamless and the elements on the page serve their function without any glitch.
Taxi Booking UI Design
The on-demand taxi app driver panel UI design encompasses bringing the wireframe to life. The designer team at Rentech Digital selects appropriate colors, fonts, and backgrounds that sync with the brand identity.

Document upload

The driver uploads the documents like ID proof & address proof needed for the verification process.

Vehicle management

The driver uploads the vehicle details like the brand name, license number, color and seating type. The driver can add vehicles or manage the added vehicles from this section.



The driver fills in the details needed for the payment transactions. The money earned is added to their app wallet. It is transferred to their bank account.

Driver Profile

Through the profile section, the driver can edit profile details like name, photo. The document & vehicle management are done here.



The driver views the app notifications related to their rides in this tab.

Real-time tracking

The driver tracks the current location of the passengers through this feature.


Trip Alert

The driver receives real-time ride requests from nearby locations to ferry passengers to their destination.

Ride history

The ride history displays the name of the passenger, the pickup & drop destination, the time, and the ride earnings.


Schedule bookings

The driver views the scheduled passenger trips in this section. The app sends a notification when the trip time is due.


The driver invites other friends from their contact list to sign up for the app. The driver is rewarded for getting friends to sign up.


Frequently Asked Questions

A customer can track a driver’s location in real-time. The customers remain updated on the driver’s estimated time of arrival to pick them up. In the same way, the driver tracks the exact location of the passenger.
In this feature, the driver approves the passenger request who needs to travel in the same direction as them. Similar to carpooling, it helps the passengers save money while the driver earns something extra.
The analytics section of the driver panel displays the complete information of the earnings based on day, week or month. It also has the payment summary, tolls, cancellation fees, etc. The advanced analytics shows the earning of the driver in graphical form.
Yes, at Rentech Digital, we offer end-to-end solutions in on-demand taxi service app development. We also create associated apps like taxi pooling apps, fleet management apps and many more at reasonable costs.
We have an expert pool of mobile app developers at Rentech Digital who design customized apps with state-of-the-art designs. Our apps offer unmatched performance with maximum security and scalability.