Online Bookstore App

The main purpose of an online bookstore app is to facilitate the easy purchase of books without having to go to the physical store. Also, the subscription-based model allows users to read some of the books online or read excerpts so that they can make the buying decision.

Rentech Digital offers online bookstore app design and development services. The focus for the online bookstore app design is to enhance membership, improve responsive mobile designs and help users find their books easily..
We customize online bookstore app development services to make your bookstore unique, competitive and user-friendly. Our design and development processes are in tandem with your business goals.

Colors & Typography


Online Bookstore App Workflow

At Rentech Digital, we align our online bookstore app design workflow with your business objectives. From the initial signup of the user to the last payout and delivery of the order, we strive to offer a seamless shopping experience to the user.

Online Bookstore App Wireframe

Once the workflow is designed, the online bookstore app wireframe comes into the picture. Here, in accordance with the workflow, the positioning of the elements, its clarity on the page, and navigation plays an important role.

Online bookstore App UI design

Once the wireframe is finalized, the online bookstore app UI design starts. The typography, background, colors all come together in harmony to form an online bookstore that is visually appealing, clear in design and structure and looks easy and user-friendly.

Login & Sign up

New users sign in using their email id or other social media accounts. Alternatively, they can also create a new id.

User dashboard

The user dashboard lists suggestions (based on popularity, genre and author), their preferred books, preferred authors’ books, and the books they are reading, order status.


Admin dashboard

The admin panel has features to add books, subscription details, and manage orders and payments.

User profile

The users update their profile, change payment options, genre, author & book preferences, view order details and the books they have read here.



This has a mix of books to be read, downloaded or purchased.


The bookstore contains books for purchase. There are suggestions to the user based on popularity and preference.


Book details

When the user clicks on a book, the details are displayed like the price, author’s name, publication name, brief description, ratings & reviews and so on.


The online bookstore app has categories for books based on the genre like fiction, romance, thriller, comedy and so on. It can be categorized based on authors too.


Search query

The search query is for the user to search books based on price, author, or genre. The search query has drop-down suggestions based on keywords.

Downloadable format

The online bookstore app offers some books to be downloaded and read. The downloading format is usually PDF.



Some books are offered for reading online. The user can read excerpts from some books to help them in buying decisions.

Book buying

The user adds books to the cart and makes payments through the given options. Tracking orders and discounts are the added benefits.



The subscription offers access to reading & downloading some of the finest books and also offers a preference for new releases.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, videos will definitely help not only in online bookstore app designing but in marketing the app as well. It helps users to make better buying decisions.
Yes, Rentech Digital offers you online kids bookstore app development services too. If you have any idea in mind, please contact us. We design the online bookstore based on your ideas and objectives.
No. At Rentech Digital, the admin panel of the online bookstore app is designed to make everything easy even for a novice. Moreover, we offer 24*7 technical support for customers to help them in their online business.
Yes, you can omit this feature in your online bookstore app. This feature is added to help you get more subscribers. You can go for a pure B2C e-commerce model too.
Yes, you can integrate the ratings and reviews of the books from other popular websites into your app. But a citation is necessary to let people know about it.
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