01.User Interface



The plant delivery app workflow focus is on offering a seamless shopping experience to the buyers. So right from the time of sign up to the final purchase and order tracking, the workflow has to have a logical flow that interconnects all the elements but is functional independently too.


Our mobile app UI/UX designers first understand the workflow and then initiate the on-demand plant delivery app wireframe designing process. The elements are placed as per the design flow and the functionality and navigation of the subpages are considered when designing the plant delivery app wireframe.

04.UI / UX Design

The plant delivery app UI design is simple, clean and minimalistic with a focus on plant image, its description and price details. The color, typography, elements, CTAs and background are in perfect harmony with the plant images making the look of the app appealing and serene.
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A user can first sign up in the on-demand plant delivery app through their email id or social media account.

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Search option

The powerful search option gives users suggestions as they start typing in the search text box.

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The plants are divided into categories like outdoor plants, indoor plants, succulents, pet-friendly plants, easy maintenance plants and so on.

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Plant Details

Each plant has details about it like the care instructions, price, its type, guarantee details and the shipping costs.

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The user can add a plant to the favorites list to help them in buying it any time later. The plants can be sent to the cart or removed from the favorites list.

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Payment integration

The on-demand plant nursery app integrates various payment modes like cards, COD, net banking and mobile wallets.

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Order tracking

The user tracks for ordered plants in this section of their profile. The order transit can be tracked from here.

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Live chats

The app features live chat with experts to help users answer their queries about plant buy and its care.

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The user can change the profile settings like name, password, saved payment card details and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Rentech Digital offers plant identification app development services. The plant scanner app helps users identify the plants by simply clicking its photo and uploading it into the app. The plant name finder app identifies the plant through its repository or its community. The individual in the community is rewarded for identification success. There are many unique features that can be implemented in plant identification app development.
The plant watering app consists of the user uploading images of plants in their home or office. A time is fixed for each plant. A reminder is sent through the app for the user to water the plant. Features such as fertilizing and spraying can also be scheduled. Rentech Digital offers plant watering app development services with a full focus on added features and user functionality.
The plant light meter app uses the light sensor in the camera to sense the light near the plants. The plant is identified and the user is notified if the light falling on it is adequate or not. This helps the user to take better care of the plants. At Rentech Digital, you can take advantage of our plant light meter app development services.
The plant care app is a comprehensive app that provides vast information about plant care to the user. It provides features like watering reminder, spraying reminder, plant care details, plant light meter, plant suggestions for the home based on light, plant identification and so on. If you are a plant lover and want to have a plant care app developed, you can end endless features in the app. Rentech Digital will help you with the plant care app development.
A plant nursery app lists all the plant nurseries available near the user’s location. At Rentech Digital we offer services in plant nursery app design and development.
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