Quiz Mobile Application Design

Quiz apps not only improve knowledge but are fun and interesting to play. The main criterion in quiz app development is that the app has to be minimal with quizzing completed within 2-3 minutes due to the short attention span of the people.
Quiz apps can be built with Flutter SDK and Android Studio IDE. Rentech Digital offers quiz app development services aimed at designing the best quiz apps for Android and iOS. We customize apps to suit your business needs.
You can opt for our quiz app design template and get the app developed from our expert developers at Rentech Digital.

Quiz app workflow

The quiz app workflow is devised to make it easy for students to take the quiz from start to end. The strategy of the quiz app developers at Rentech Digital was to keep the design minimal with repeat styles for questions & answers so as to not distract the students with different layouts for each quiz topic. The quiz app was kept simple and appealing.

Quiz app wireframe

The quiz app wireframe designed by UI/UX designers at Rentech Digital is clean and minimal. The design adds flavor to the content without interfering with the main question-answer sessions. It is preferable to keep the styles the same for all quiz topics so that a user easily sets into it to answer the questions.

Quiz app UI/UX design

Great design is a must-have for quiz apps. The quiz app UI/UX design has to be minimalist with a clear focus on the question and the answer. Even if it is a visual representation, the images and elements have to be clear and bold. The flow at all levels has to be smooth with clear detailing of all features and their placement on the screen.


Signup & Login

The user will be given an option to sign up with email credentials, Google account or using any social media account.


Home Page

The homepage will have various quiz categories with suggestions based on user interests, popularity and trending topics.


Select quiz topic

The search query will help the user to search for relevant quiz categories and topics based on the search intent.


Quiz categories

The quiz will be divided based on categories and each category can have topics and subtopics to choose from.


Quiz levels

If any quiz topic is broad, then you can set levels starting from easy and proceeding to hard with reward points.


Quiz timer

A timer can be set for the user to answer the question. Easy questions will have a lesser time limit compared to the tougher ones.


Display answer

The correct answer is to be displayed in green. If the user has opted for the wrong answer, it will be displayed in red.


Multiplayer option

The quiz game development can be in single-player mode or multiplayer mode to allow for more fun and entertainment.


Share quiz or results

The user will have the option to share the result on social media or invite friends to participate in the quiz.


User profile

The user can set in their profiles. The user interests, quizzes completed, reward points and certificates can be collected from their profiles.

Frequently asked questions

It is definitely a yes from us. We offer custom quiz app development services. For kindergarten kids, we will make the quiz app entertaining, simple and fun.
At Rentech Digital, we offer quiz mobile app development services that integrate 2D and 3D animations in the app. We use the Cocos 3D game engine to power our quiz apps for animation.
It all depends on the amount of customization you need in our quiz app design and development. A quiz app that has many categories and animation may require more time than a simple app. But, at Rentech Digital, we aim to complete the quiz app development within the stipulated timeframe and budget.
While it is true that powerful animations slow the speed of the quiz app, we do all that is possible for the best user experience. We use the powerful Cocos 3D game engine for Android and iOS quiz app development.
Rentech Digital offers quiz website and app design and development services. We design responsive quiz websites that make quizzing fun on mobiles too. If you want a separate website as well as a quiz app, we do it for you.
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