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The aim of a real estate landing page is to collect leads or for lead generation. Hence, it has to be optimized to offer the correct information and support your real estate marketing strategy.
The real estate landing pages are usually used in paid campaigns. When you are spending so much on paid campaigns, it makes sense to invest in a good real estate landing page. While the ad gets the visitors to the landing page, it is the landing page where a visitor is converted to a potential customer.
Rentech Digital specializes in creating real estate landing pages that attract visitors and lead them to the desired action as a forward in your sale process.


The UI designers at Rentech Digital create real estate landing page wireframes with limited elements and easy logical flow. The visitor will be informed of everything before signing the form. The navigations are essentially absent to help the user concentrate on the landing page and not let them move to other pages.

Website Design

The real estate landing page UI design has to have the right mix of contrast colors, spacing between elements, background and bold color for the CTAs. The hero banner text is simple, to the point to persuade the user to perform the required action.


Videos of homes help the customers to make informed decisions enhancing the user experience.


The description of real estate is written in bullet point form to be precise and let the customers grasp important information immediately.


Why should a visitor opt for your service? Outline the benefits for customers in a neat, clear way.


The images of the real estate homes or projects should be appealing and of high quality to attract user attention.


Testimonials of customers who have purchased homes help in trust-building among the new page visitors.

Frequently asked questions

A separate real estate landing page will get you more leads and conversions than a home page. A real estate landing page is designed for a specific task, unlike a homepage that has a lot of information. Moreover, a landing page designed with the best practices is sure to get you 20-30% conversions.
We want visitors to perform the desired action on a real estate landing page. Offering them navigation means they may leave the landing page without the desired action and wander to other pages which will not lead to conversions.
Rentech Digital offers services in creating landing pages for home value businesses. The home value landing page asks for home location, address, email and other contact information from the visitors. The home value estimate is then either sent by email or an agent is assigned to make a call to the visitor and provide a custom estimate.
Many-a-times, the timed popup is a nuisance, especially, since surfing through good homes needs time. You can opt for an action-based contact form popup like when the user wants to know the floor plan or price estimate of the homes or when the visitor is leaving the page.
Yes, real estate landing pages specific to one property or one area are essential to get more target leads and convert them into customers.
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