Weather App

Building a weather mobile application that is interactive and beautiful is one way to gets users to download the app. With so many popular weather apps in the market, it takes more than just design and development to build a weather app. Creativity through animations, graphics, beautiful UI/UX is quintessential to its success.
The weather app development involves the integration of a weather information provider API to the app. The popular weather forecast API providers are Weather Underground, OpenWeatherMap, AccuWeather, Foreca, DarkSky, etc. Rentech Digital offers weather app development services by integrating the best API based on the amount of information the customer needs in the app.
Just like other mobile apps, the weather app has value-added features that distinguish it from the other apps. The mobile app designers & developers at Rentech Digital put in their best efforts to create a user-friendly weather app.

Style Guide


Weather App Workflow

There is the full scope of your weather app being messy by showing more features on the home page. The trick is to show features visually and have a good balance between the text and graphics. At Rentech Digital, our mobile app designers work in tandem with the developers to maintain continuity in the weather app workflow.

Weather App Wireframe

The best mobile apps are those that are clean, minimal and user-friendly. Our designers at Rentech Digital know the importance of these and they design the weather app wireframe to be much more, unique and harmonious flow of content.

Weather App UI/UX Design

It takes something more than just adding features to the weather app. It has to be beautifully presented. The users should find something unique that separates it from the other weather apps. This is the task of the mobile app UI designers. Our mobile app UI/UX designers have years of expertise in building an app that scores cent percent in attractiveness and functionality.

Signup & Login

A user can sign up for the weather app through their email id or any social media account profile.

Everyday weather

The present weather for the day by the hour is displayed in the everyday weather section.


Detailed forecasts

The detailed forecast is daily, weekly or monthly for a selected location and time period.

Air Quality

The air quality in the current location or any selected location is displayed with all related parameters like the pollutants level and descriptions about it.


Interactive maps

These show the rain or snow patterns in animated form across the countries and states on a map for a period of time.

Interactive maps settings

The interactive map to be displayed can be chosen as satellite, radar, wind flow or current conditions.


Language settings

The weather app allows users to set the language of their choice.

Push notifications

Push notifications is to give users information about the daily weather forecast and severe weather conditions.


Map Style

The map style has two settings- dark and light mode.

Search option

The search option is for the user to search cities and locations to get a detailed weather analysis.


Social platform integration

The user can share the weather updates with family & friends on their social media platforms.

Weather News

The weather news section is an interactive news & blog section that contains articles, videos and podcasts of weather conditions all over the world.


Photo gallery

A user can share photos from their location to make the app more interactive. The photos shared by various users are displayed in the gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to include a weather camera and traffic camera in the weather app. But this needs the permission of the local traffic authorities of each region.
Monetizing your weather app is by placing ad banners on it. Whether it is the weather website or the app, you can earn through ads when more and more people click on it. You can also earn from users who are willing to pay to disable the ads. Also, the subscription model earns you money when you offer exclusive features to the paid users.
There is no one USP that will make it stand out from the crowd. The obvious is that the UI/UX design should be outstanding. You can add innovative animations for weather forecasts. Also, enrich the blog section with podcasts and videos. You can ask for community participation by telling them to upload the weather photos of their locality.
You never know what clicks or what will not until you bring it out to the audience. People prefer apps that are simple and give relevant information. We offer innovative mobile app development services that will help your weather app make good profits.
Yes, animations in the weather app will make it unique and attractive. Our UI/UX designers offer weather app design services to get in more visitors.
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