Difference between ReactJS and AngularJS

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Difference between ReactJS and AngularJS
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Web and mobile applications are powering up the ecosystem today. Structural frameworks play an important role in the development of web and mobile apps. Angular and React both are structural frameworks related to Java Scripts but there is a lot of difference between them. Many developers have foggy ideas about both the JavaScripts and there is always a question of which one is better than another. In this blog, we are going to compare and list all the points of difference between them.

What is React JS

ReactJS is a library developed by Facebook which is very helpful in developing the creative and interactive user experience. This JavaScript is really simple and easier to understand. It is used in products like Instagram and Whatsapp. There are some prerequisites for React JS. The person must have hands-on knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as they are the main foundation for frontend development.

What is Angular JS

Angular JS is one of the most known Open-Source JavaScript created by Google which helps in the development of web applications. It provides easier access as it holds ARIA- enabled integrants. ARIA generally includes elements such as list box, menu bars, tables, drag and dropdowns, and other widgets. AngularJS data binding eliminates much of the coding. This is a front-end framework that developers generally use to manage user interactions within the browser.

Key differences between ReactJS and AngularJS

Field React Angular
Type React is an open source JavaScript framework. It is much older than Angular It is an open source MVC framework. It is a complete framework
Aurthor Facebook Google
Language JSX JavaScript, HTML, Typescript
Performance Fast Slow
Data Binding Uni Directional Bi direction
Best Use Best for applications which have multiple views in a time Best for applications with single view at a time
Library use It can be combined with other programming libraries Angular is a complete framework and is a solution in it self
Features It gives your freedom to choose tools tools, libraries to develop an application It is very limited when it comes too add ons and development flexibility
Restrictions It gives you multiple options to choose without putting any performance penalty Angular is very sensitive framework, and it restricts you from using large models
Companies using Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, Watsapp Streamline social, Wepay, Beam, Auto trader, Mesh

When you should choose React and Angular

Angular JS id of fixed and complex structure suitable for the developers that are highly experienced. It is based on 3 layers- Model, Operator, and View. The object responsible for the Model is initialized by the Operator and displayed with a View. If you want ready-to-use solutions and higher productivity Angular is of best use. As told earlier a developer which is has a good command over Java, HTML, and C# and older versions of Angular.
React can be an ideal choice for your app if you need an app that performs multiple events. React JS can opt if you want to create shareable components in your app project or if you need personalized app solutions.

Which one is the best

Both React and Angular JS are of great choice concerning single-page applications. You might hear statements like React is better than Angular or vice versa but what you need to do is make a choice keeping in mind the use, functions, and requirements. If you are a brand and looking forward to expanding your business at Rentech Digital we serve companies with end-to-end web and mobile app development solutions. Both of the technologies are powerful and flexible and neither of them is worse or better all depends on your custom goals.