Apple Pay

Simplify the checkout experience of your customers on the app without the need to fill in shipping, billing, or payment information each time during checkout. Make payment processes smooth, secure, and fast while maximizing sales potential.

Apple PayApple PayApple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices. It allows your customers to pay using their Apple device instead of a card.

Provide Apple Pay payment solutions to customers who use Apple devices to shop on your app. Boost customer shopping experiences by providing easy and secure payment solutions.

How it works

Encourage customers to spend more by providing a convenient and familiar payment method on your app. To implement Apple Pay in your app, you need to create a merchant identifier and a payment processing certificate, and enable Apple Pay in XCode. Next, you add capabilities to your app to provide access to Apple’s app services.

  • Customer selects the Apple Pay option at checkout

  • Stored card selected as default for payment

  • Authentication required for adding a new card

  • Customer card data saved for future use for first-time users

  • Touch ID or Face ID required when paying

How Apple Pay will help you?

Integrate Apple Pay with your app on Swipecart to provide customers with single-click payments saving their time and yours.

  • Positive checkout experiences

  • Increased safety of payments

  • Easy payment management

  • Reduce illegal transactions

  • Drive conversion and sales