July 05, 2022

How do I customize my e-commerce mobile app?


How do layouts work? How can I change the layout temporarily?

To make an app on Swipecart, you have to choose a default layout and edit each feature to give your customers an interface that matches expectations. This becomes your default (Current) layout. All your products and pages that are a part of your e-commerce website remain the same, you are only choosing the way your data is being presented with the help of an editable e-commerce app theme.

With Swipecart, you can edit your mobile app theme with the help of ‘temporary layouts’. These can be applied with a click of a button as and when required.

To create a temporary layout on Swipecart, go to Swipecart> App. There are two options here- Current Layout and My Layout. You can design various layouts and store them for further use.

First, click on ‘Create Layout’ and name your layout.

Once this is done, you can start customizing each feature of it by clicking on ‘edit’. Alternatively, you can duplicate an existing layout and edit parts of it. You can test the layout by previewing it on mobile via a QR code. Once the layout is used and if you don’t plan to reuse it, you can remove it from the system too. You can do all of this directly from the Layout home page.

Once you have decided to edit a layout, you can start making pages and other changes as required. Please see these tutorials for the same.

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How to create product pages without displaying prices? and soon.