July 05, 2022

Product Detailed View


How to modify a product page on Swipecart?

Swipecart allows you to modify a product page on the app by choosing from widgets or updating some details. Though all your products are automatically synced from your e-commerce website, Swipecart gives you room to tweak your mobile application product pages.

For this, go to Swipecart>App and choose the ‘Product Detail’ option on the app bar.

Here, you will find the total list of products that appear on your e-commerce website.

Choose the product page you want to modify.

You could add an additional banner or a customized product carousel from the widget bar on the right

If you drag and drop a carousel widget to the mobile app interface, you will see an ‘edit content’ option on the top right-hand side of the selected widget. Clicking on this allows you to choose from various carousel designs through a pop-up.

Besides this, you can also change details like

  • Shipping info

  • Refunds & Cancellation

  • Return & Exchanges

  • Contact Us

by adding a URL that redirects to that page from the ‘Add/Edit content’ option on the top right-hand side of the draft product page.