A catalyst to the success of an organization – A Digital Marketer!

The importance of digital marketing has increased since technological advancement took a 360 turn. It brought up a wide range of opportunities in interacting with your target audience in real-time.

Various small scale business leaps to their first group of customers through print advertisement. However, this is time-consuming and may bring in just a trickle of business.

In a real sense, the small business group holds a plethora of opportunities in the online market. It gives voice to their brand and shows big signs on the other side of the road.

Do you know, 64% of marketers are actively investing time into search engine optimization? And, they are getting really good conversions to improve their business. That’s the power of digital marketing.

So, let’s shed some light on the importance and future scope of Digital Marketing- multiplying your sales figures enormously.

1. Your customers are waiting for you

If you are avoiding digital marketing just because you think you aren’t ready for an online platform, you are MISSING YOUR CUSTOMERS. This is really a high time to launch your brand online.

Do you know, 7.7 billion people are using the Internet all across the globe? If you won’t figure out the digital marketing angle for your business, yourcustomer may choose another over you. That’s how competitors ace the game.

When your audience finds interest in your approach, they will, first of all, look for the company’s website, and your social media presence. This not only enhances their trust but helps you reach potential clients legitimately.

A Study from Blue Nile Research shows that 79% to 82% of consumers use search, customer reviews, and brand Web sites to research a purchase.

Thus, once you go for digital marketing, you will get impressed with its stunning results.

2. Improve the Conversion Rate

Digital Marketing has brought revolutionizing change in the last 5 years and continues to do so to bring result-driven solutions to your business.

With the online marketing approach, you can double your revenue by running a smart campaign and marketing the right customers. For example-

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of reaching your targeted segment. For an instance, by investing $1, you can make $44 in return – a 4400% gain through the right strategic formulation.

In fact, B2C marketers that are leveraging marketing automation have realized 50% higher conversion rates. Thus, digital marketing is really a smarter and quicker way to make profits and generate more leads for your business.

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3. Monitor your campaign & get expected results

The traditional methods of monitoring the campaign results are quite challenging and may go haywire. But, with a digital marketing strategy, you can go the extra mile in evaluating the result and targeting the likelihood customers.

Here, every campaign is traceable. You can check the impressions, clicks, dwelling time as well as bounce rate to predict the preferences of the audience.

While running a traditional campaign, you can’t alter the changes in-between. This is possible with digital marketing where you make immediate changes in campaigns at any point in time.

This helps you in saving your budget for driving valuable results with exponential growth.

4. Raises your bar for competition

Winning competition is often the most challenging part of running the business. If you don’t hit the nail in the right time, you may lose the loyalty of your audience.

However, with the digital marketing approach, it brings equal opportunities to raise your bar and fight against bigger competitors.

Tactics like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and SEO will help to create a strong and massive brand identity from the crowd.

Like, when you use PPC ads, it contributes to your business goal of gaining a higher level of brand exposure with relatively warm leads.

And with the SEO, you can beat the competitors by inserting the relevant keywords to lead the race of top-most ranking.

Thus, expand your business to an online store to appeal to the audience and boost exorbitant sales.

5. Convenience in connecting with mobile customers

Mobile advertising is the new focus!

It is a sure-fire way to reach your demographic and meet their expectation by running campaigns, click-throughs, or increasing user engagement.

As per the GSMA Intelligence, there are 5.20 billion mobile phone users in the world today. This represents a vast market for influencing mobile customers who are frequently browsing and consuming content.

As a result, you must target your mobile audience through an in-app advertisement by collecting location data.

According to Chad Gallagher, CEO of AOL , mobile users spend 84% of their time in an application. This is how you are hyper-targeting the audience and create positive responses to make the purchase.

6. Gain your brand’s credibility

Creating a social presence is itself an ideal way to gain your brand’s credibility. One of the content marketing studies concludes that blogging is the most effective way to reach your leads.

It only requires interesting and qualified content to improve the reach of your social platforms. This is how you communicate with your prospective clients explaining your services and establishing an opportunity for further connection.

According to HubSpot , B2B companies generate 67% more leads per month through blogging. It demands only five to seven impressions to make customers remember your brand.

By accumulating all these, you can attain a special rank in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Future of Digital Marketing

Businesses are completely immersed in the world of digital marketing. From banners to big data, it is increasing connectivity with the wide audiences giving a personal touch in assessing their preferences.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Display Ads

Looking towards the growth of technology, artificial intelligence has stepped up – a marketing practice for automatically buying the ad space lowering the customer acquisition cost.

Voice-activated speaker

The popularity of voice search has increased globally where 50% of the searches are expected to grow by 2020 and more beyond. And, it gives a higher rank to the long-tail keywords and original content increasing the scope of SEO.

Personalized content

With the evolution of big data and in-depth insight, providing personalized content is no more a rocket science. 96% of marketers believe that personalization improves their relationships with customers.

In that, video shooting with conversational content proved to be a new way to drive potential customers. Virtual reality is also contributing significantly to improving the brand experience raising sources of potential growth.

Influencer marketing

Nowadays people are trusting people more than a brand and that’s where influencer marketing comes into the picture. It holds more weightage and credibility in influencing customers with organic information.

Thus, in building an influencer-brand relationship, AI and big data together collects the valuable information to deliver to the audience. All these works like an opinion leader who collects extensive information to convey at the right point in time.

Are you making the most of the Digital Era?

Digital Marketing is a great opportunity for your business bringing new approaches to growth. It grows your business more actively than any other marketing activity.

From identifying the right audience to approaching them significantly, it really brings you good conversions and high-class leads. Ultimately, that’s what matters the most!

Thus, you need to be modern, to attain modern results!

However, if you hire a Digital Marketer, you can uncover over-the-top results with universal strategies.

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