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Rentech is a tech consulting firm. We work with many software companies in providing them with dedicated tech resources.

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A company’s success starts with the right and worthy people who can create value for the customers. Our company is constantly looking for creative, talented, and goal-oriented professionals. At RentechDigital we provide an opportunity for you to learn and grow with us. If you would like to work with us Apply Below.


Laravel Developer

Experience 0-5 years (35 Position)

MERN Stack Developer

Experience 0-5 years (30 Position)

WordPress Designer

Experience 0-5 years (10 Position)

Shopify Developer

Experience 0-5 years (18 Position)

Flutter Developer

Experience 0-5 years (40 Position)

Data Entry Operator

Experience 0-5 years (10 Position)

Care of Employees

We’re a company regiment who care for employees and brings out the best in one another. Our growth is streamlining with synergic efforts to attain uncommon goals and deliver exceptional results.

Employee priority

Employees are our real asset and support system and we go the extra mile to meet their requirements and make them feel comfortable.

Healthy environment

We talk to the employee, strengthen team spirit, and reduce employee absenteeism through a healthy environment.

Flexible work time

We don’t stress our employees. We take care of their personal rhythm and foster productivity. Flexibility is a plus here.

Paid over time

We pay extra for overtime that builds the trust of employee and boost their morale to give extra efforts exceeding their productivity level.

Provide medical package

We take care of employee’s wellness with various screening plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a medical package.