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How SmartScrapers Help In Scraping Data?

SmartScrapers is an advanced AI tool that enables businesses and individuals to scrape data independently. Our AI web scraper extracts and organizes data from the internet effortlessly, unlocking invaluable insights and new opportunities.

Scrape On The Go, Scrape On Scale

Access data from anywhere across the web without any external help. 

Extract data from each URL individually or in bulk as per your convenience.

Reliable Web Scraping Across Diverse Industries

real estate

Real Estate

Get access to real estate listings, prices, price changes, historical price trends, agent information, property details, sales history, and much more. Gather data from thousands of global real estate listing sites with AI.

sales leads

Sales Leads

Leverage our AI-web scraping tools to extract the complete list of companies, people, email addresses, and phone numbers for a specific industry you work in. Outsource lead generation and focus on nurturing leads.



Tap into a pool of hundreds of datasets such as pricing, volume, sentiments, X, StockTwits, news, sentiment, social media, and much more. Incorporate AI-driven tools to use the most up-to-date and historical data for publicly traded companies.

travel leisure

Travel and leisure

Extract flight information, pricing, availability, price change, hotel availability, price analysis, reviews, and more on the go. Build a better customer experience with rich data extracted without any external help.



Get data feed for products, pricing, reviews, product performance, size variations, color variations, and availability across the internet. Make better decisions based on consumer preferences and market trends.



Scrape data through AI and effortlessly monitor jobs, companies, company reviews, candidates, profiles, and resumes. Make a move before your competitor can and streamline your productivity.

brand monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Monitor over a million ecommerce websites across the internet without any manual effort, discover counterfeit items, and obtain contact details of the owners. Ensure protection with high-frequency data scraping.


Workflow Automation

Automate data entry workflows with OCR, data pipelines, and custom data management solutions. Save thousands of hours on repetitive tasks with our AI-powered scraper carefully curated to serve the exact purpose.


Research and Journalism

Get a dataset on virtually anything for your research papers and articles. SmartScrapers’ AI-driven web scraping empowers you to extract data on any research paper and article and streamlines your efforts.



Add credibility to your business production with big business intelligence data. Get production process, equipment & spare parts, vendors, competitors, and quality control data to make accurate decisions at every production stage.


News monitoring

Get reliable news data from social media, newspapers, blogs, review sites, and much more. Keep an eye on recent events, local events, and news across any region of the world from multiple sources.



Get limitless AI-driven location data with precise details such as product details, addresses, contact numbers, pick-up options, facilities, etc. Gain visibility over the retail market with location intelligence and geographical information like longitudes, latitudes, cities, number of stores, and more.

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Elevate the potential of your business with AI-powered web scraping. Our platform is the go-to partner of top leaders across various industries.

data collection

Trusted by 76 out of Fortune 500 companies for workflow automation and data collection


Preferred by some of the most valuable brands in the world for protection against counterfeits

real estate investments

Chosen by some of the largest real estate investments firms

sales data mining

Favored by thousands of startups and established enterprises for sales data mining

competitor’s products

Trusted by top 10 e-commerce companies to get insight into competitor’s products

source data

Acknowledged by top researchers and journalist to source data

recruitment firms

Preferred by some of the largets recruitment firms

Data Delivery and Formats

We make every effort to transmit data in a format that is effortless and easily accessible for our clients. Our experts can transform data into formats like – XLS, CSV, JSON, PDF, TXT, IMAGE & more. Keeping your convenience in mind we provide you with simple & clean data that is insightful and easily sortable to get any information faster, smoother, and reliable.

data structure

Transform data into any structure or format

SmartScrapers helps you scrape data and transform it into any structure or format you like – TXT, PDF, Image, JSON, FTP, API, and CSV ensuring ease of convenience for day-to-day business activities.


Automated data delivery to any location

Without compromising the security and confidentiality of the information, we smoothly facilitate data delivery at any location.


Not Just Leads!

Unlock the complete potential of your marketing, sales, analytics, and other business operations with quality leads found nowhere else on the Internet. Decrease your time spent on finding leads and shift your focus to more productive tasks. 

Close Faster

62%Increase in overall productivity

Gain Insights

3xIncrease in win rates

Attract Customers

74%Decrease in marketing spend

Know what SmartScrapers can do for you

We gather data and then convert it into various standardized file formats like CSV, Excel, and JSON. To meet the large data needs of companies, we provide accurate and speedy web scraping services.

These are just sample data of some chosen businesses through web scraping services. We can extract data for any business type.

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