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Are you looking to develop your own website?

Then, you must be stuck with WordPress vs Wix? Well, that’s so obvious.

However, both are equally good in their own way.

WordPress is an Ideal Content Management System while Wix compliments for website development. They consist of basic to advance features to uplift your online store amongst the competitors. But, what’s a better option?

So, let’s end this confusion here and actually know which is better!

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Convenience and Ease of Usage

Many Individual and business owners go for WordPress or Wix probably, because of ultra convenience for site building. But, to customize with the best features, you need to hire professional Developers.


WordPress is one of the best website building platforms that gives you convenience for usage. It offers you a visual editor where you can customize, edit, and create the content easily.

Also, it has a drag and drop function to look after adjusting navigation menus, insertion of plugins as well as the functions of the visual editor.

Convenience with WordPress is just a second door.


Wix stands out from the leading competitors by offering drag and drop functionality. You can easily pick and place the image and text boxes wherever you want.

Do you know Wix has a ‘Wix ADI’ feature? Well, it refers to Artificial Design Intelligence. And, you can ask it to suggest a few names and design for your website.

Designing and Layout

What makes your website more attractive? A cleaner design and clutter-free layout. That’s how you can attract potential users.


WordPress offers paid as well as free themes for start-ups, small firms to a multi-story enterprise. You can click and select the best one from a collection of 7900+ WordPress themes.

From corporate to creative and Retail to Real Estate, you can find WordPress as a one-stop solution for designing and layout.


Wix has a collection of 500+ designer-made templates where you can prepare a website of your choice. They are written within the HTML5 and are fully responsive by performance.

You won’t find any complexity with the Wix collection of themes.

But, do you know one drawback with Wix?

You cannot change the theme once selected. That’s quite rigid! However, it allows you to edit, modify, and save the changes. But, absolutely no for theme changing.

Ecommerce Options

Creating an online store and developing it requires a complete deal of flexibility. Which platform owns that?


With WordPress, you can successfully run your eCommerce store by using WooCommerce. It is feasible for selling in bulk and keeping a record for inventory.

You can have easy order management and configurable shipping options. It has 5 million+ active installation. Where are you?


If you are planning to create your eCommerce site, note that you need to upgrade your premium plan. You can’t run your e-store on freewheels.

Also, if you select a few third party applications for online selling, it would get costlier compared to their prices offered.

And, it is evident that Wix has limited payment options.

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Plugins and Customization

Both WordPress and Wix have a broad range of plugins that can elevate your website building task. However, you need to select the best one-


Do you know WordPress has an extensive range of 57000+ plugins in its directory?

From adding a list of posts to serving as the best anti-spam protection and Security keeper, it aces in the battle of plugins.

Most WordPress plugins and themes fall under GPL-v2(General Public License). So you can customize any functionality of its plugins and themes.

Also in terms of typefaces, you have a customization option to create your font and adjust it to your website. Yes, you can flexibly make additions to your own CSS.


For Wix, plugins are actually known as applications. It offers early 200+ applications to modify your web designing and drive significant traffic to your business.

Also, if you don’t know how to code, you can add advanced functionality to your site with Corvid.

Since Wix is not an open-source platform therefore only private members can have access to the advanced web building plugins.

Pricing and Cost – WordPress VS Wix

Yes, we all are ready to pay value to get the best versions –Be it WordPress or Wix.


As you know, WordPress is an Open Source Platform. It gives complete flexibility for everyone to use it without any hassle.

Also, there are thousands of free themes and plugins available with WordPress. But, you could end up paying for hosting.

Thus, you can still switch to a premium model for advanced collections. To sum up-

  • Here, you require your domain and web hosting

  • Select themes as per your budget (Free and Premium)


Do you think Wix is free? Well, yes, for website building. But-

  • You cannot use your own domain name

  • Wix advertise its brand over the top and bottom of your website

For Example:

So, if you want to unlock the benefits of professionalism, you need to pay a price starting from $13/month.

Also, if you want to remove the ads, you need to opt for its premium version. Another downside point is- it runs out to provide add-ons for Favicon support, eCommerce solutions as well as Analytical Impression.

SEO – Which one can help you rank better?

Your website should be SEO Friendly to perform all the activities for ranking higher. Well, WordPress and Wix both are generally, but, the best one is here to select.


WordPress is a clear winner with SEO practices. Here, you can use Yoast Plugin, Rank Math SEO, All in One SEO for advanced features to improve your On-Page SEO performance.

Since it builds a fully responsive website and makes use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you can ensure a super-fast loading time.


Yes, Wix is capable enough for editing the URLs, inserting the Alt text, creating 301 redirects as well as adding the Metadata, headers, and titles.

But, the worst part is, Wix has poor performance towards Google’s responsive websites. Also, it does not have any control where your website has been hosted.

So, for better performance in SEO, Wix needs to polish its skills for Technical SEO.


Are you looking for an easy to go blogging platform? WordPress or Wix – confused? Let’s know who the best one is.


Do you know WordPress has about 60 million blogs? In Fact, it started with the purpose of Blogging.

Moreover, WordPress provides a Gutenberg block editor where you can develop the most alluring layout for your web page. Also, it offers a fully-fledged media library to edit, crop, and upload with the best quality.

It is very much convenient to upload, produce, import, or export the images and content to your Content Management System. With Wix, you have only export or import.

Hire WordPress Developers to streamline the blogging platform for your business.


Wix is one of the premium platforms for blogging.

You can easily add a blog section to the website and start writing. It has access to all the basic features and elements just like a text editor, tags and categories, uploading images and videos, and many.

But, it failed in providing a native commenting system. With Wix, you need to login into your Facebook Account to post the comment.

Along with that, it has limited or no options for creating private posts, showing the feature posts as well as more.

Security Aspect

When it comes to security, nothing can be ignored. And thus, both Wix and WordPress fall totally apart here. It goes beyond login and inserting the password till applying for two-factor authentication.

Let‘s see which one gets the bonus point here!


WordPress always takes the responsibility of providing security to your website development. It comes with seamless plugins to enhance and strengthen the procedure of security measures.

For example: Application Passwords is a plugin that generates a unique password for every user without revealing the original one. Here, it easily authenticates the users without providing the password. And, Two Factor ideally secures your email codes, back up codes, and many.


Wix follows a relevant security approach but, it asks you to join for premium plans to get that one. It has a private development team who test, try, and control to deliver optimum security.

Thus, both are good with security. Just as WordPress uses a plugin to ace the game, Wix has an expert team for providing centralized support.

Customer Support System

Customer Support is widely required to maintain an engagement with the users and quickly resolve their trouble.


With WordPress, the Customer support system doesn’t officially sound limited. It has a wide community for WordPress experts who can quickly respond to your doubts.

Moreover, it also has WordPress Development Stack Exchange resolving the queries of developers with threads of Q/A.


Wix offers an extendable customer support system by including email, chat, and voice calls in their packages.

Also, if you have selected its premium plan, voila, you get VIP Support services. Isn’t so interesting and helpful, both the ways?

Yeah, you guess it right, Wix has a supportive help desk, always on toes to help you through any medium. Responsive time is less than 24 hours.

So, for Wix Support, you need to get the premium/paid package to enable the customer support system.

Data Portability functions

Data Portability refers to moving the content as per the requirement.


WordPress has a robust data portability function, where you can export data with just one click. It is a self-hosting domain, so you can have a backup option as well.


Wix is not completely flexible with the data portability functions. For instance, you have the freedom to export the content only within the XML format.

However, you may face complexity while downloading the content.

The Editor

Which platform stands exceptional with Editor – Wix or WordPress?


WordPress delivers a delightful and user-friendly editing experience. As discussed, it has a Gutenberg Block-based editor for adding and removing the blocks and creating tags.

You can see live changes here by installing the plugins. And, it offers 100% customization to your website.


With Wix Editor, you can enjoy a seamless visual presentation. Also, here, you can see the live changes while editing your document.

However, the customization options with Wix are limited.

Wix or WordPress: The Final Conclusion

So, from the above discussion, it is clear that WordPress is a more powerful, robust, and scalable website building platform. It wins the battle by offering flexible and customizable themes and plugins for ongoing maintenance.

To conclude, if you are looking for a long term association with a website, go for WordPress. Yes, it requires a few technical skills to add necessary functions.

While, for a small scale website, you can try Wix. It’s good to go. It offers you seamless customer support to discuss your issues and resolve errors. Also, if you are skipping to hire a developer, Wix is perfect for you. There’s hardly any requirement for technical skills.

So, specify your requirement and select the best one! For any help contact Rentech Digital now!