In this blog, we try to understand why UI/UX is important for mobile app development.

Just imagine having to live a few days without your mobile device!

Mobiles have dominated our lives. They make it easy and fun.

If you don’t believe us, we throw light on some statistics that will make you believe in the power of mobile and its applications.

Now that we have shown you some of the important mobile app statistics, you also need to know the fierce competition among the mobile apps to be ranked in the App Store and get more users to download and use it.

Believe us when we say that UI/UX is important in mobile app development. It is the one that decides the number of downloads, it is the one that decides how much revenues you generate from the app. UI/UX is everything that decides the failure or success of your mobile app.

What are essentially UI and UX in mobile app designing?

In mobile app designing, UI (User Interface) relates to the app’s aesthetics that decide on how a user interacts with it. It quintessentially pins down to the visual surface of the mobile application. It is to create a visual touchpoint for users to interact with the mobile app by combining typography, color palettes, animations, images and buttons and the best UI design tools. It is made spontaneous so that the user doesn’t need to think much!

Examples: Tapping a button and swiping through the product images in a mobile app design.

UX (User Experience) is the human-first approach to mobile app design that focuses on the overall experience from the user’s first to the last contact. It is to create structural design solutions for users to make their mobile app journey hassle-free and delightful. UX is about creating easy experiences for the users to accomplish the desired tasks on the mobile app.

Examples: Checkout process and search process in mobile app development.

Both the UI and UX processes in mobile app development are essential to the overall success of the app. When you integrate the current mobile app development trends in the designing of your mobile app, you get a great app that scores a perfect ten in both the UI and UX!

1. Get more downloads

It is every mobile app designer’s dream to create that Holy Grail mobile app perfect in all aspects to get the maximum downloads in the App Store! Isn’t that the primary concern when someone approaches a designer for UI/UX design services? Every business owner wants their mobile app to get as many maximum downloads as possible.Why? This will increase their chances of getting a good search rank in the App Store and thus increase brand awareness.

2. Better rankings on the App Store

Just like on Google, any business would want their app to rank first in the App Store search results.The first step is to hire UI/UX design services to design a mobile app that is outstanding in terms of both interface and experience. This eventually leads to getting more downloads and its direct impact is on the search rankings of the app.Once the algorithm senses that your app is optimized for conversions and that it is getting better downloads when compared to similar apps, it places your app at the top of the App Store search results. Your app gets noticed. Subsequently, your brand reach increases among the audience.

3. Increase brand awareness

As more and more users start downloading the app and using it, the brand is able to make its way into the hearts of the customers.The mobile app has to have a great user interface (UI) and an equally great user experience (UX). It has to captivate the users into using it not once or twice but frequently. Hire UI/UX design services that focus on user intent and experiences.

4. Understand the audience

A doctor reads the pulse to understand a patient’s health. In the same way, a superior UI/UX design in a mobile app helps brands to understand their audience better. As you get more users into using your app, their behavioral pattern while using the app helps you to understand them thoroughly. You start to analyze their preference for certain products and the reasons for doing so. The analysis gives you scope to improve your products and services.

5. Improve products and services

A good mobile UI design gets increased users to the app. The more the number of users, the better you understand the audience and get insights into their preferences. This offers you a golden opportunity to improve the products and services. Marketers try to understand why a user is buying a product or abandoning it midway. A deep analysis helps to find fault and improve the product or the service. This way, businesses keep tackling the challenges and finally see an improvement in sales and profits.

6. Increase sales and profits

The main intention of mobile app UI designers is to design an app that captivates the users and gets maximum downloads. Similarly, as a business owner, your idea is to get maximum users to the app and increase the sales to generate profits. Downloads of the app result in an increase in the brand reach. Once your brand gets popular among the masses, it acts as a natural referral and you keep getting more and more downloads and sales. Thus, a mobile app perfect in UI/UX results in increased interaction, downloads and sales. One thing that is as important as the design is the mobile app development services. The UI/UX designers must be proficient in understanding the user intent, have knowledge about the UI concepts and develop an app that captivates the users. UI/UX design services are best offered when the designers combine their expertise with the current mobile app development trends.

Wrap Up

A mobile app UI/UX has the potential to make a difference between the success and failure of your mobile app. We cannot stress less on why UI/UX is important in mobile app development. It isn’t enough if the mobile app looks beautiful, but it has to be attractive enough to get people to use it. It essentially means that both UI and UX of the mobile app have to be near-perfect for it to hit on the mark with the users.

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