Do you know, there are estimated 12 million to 24 million ecommerce websites globally.

And, by the year 2040, 95% of the purchases will be made from an e-commerce platform.So, if you haven’t created your website, this is the right time to punch in the nail and start your business incredibly. You can start selling your products online as ‘Click and Mortar’ to cover up the National and International Market.Irrespective of what the level of competition resides, you can still leave a remarkable impression on the crowd. All you need is a breakthrough business idea where no internal or external chaos can limit your growth.Here we have discussed a list of the best ecommerce platforms for startups. Check out them and find where your fortune lies!

1. Shopify: Best ecommerce platform

Google AdWords, (now known as Google Ads) is an advertising platform where you can post ads to only those who matter. This could be anything from text, image, link, product listing, or even videos. These ads are measured in PPC (Pay Per Click) and users can find these ads at various places- Google SERPs, non-search websites, YouTube, or others.The best thing about Google Ads is that you decide to whom and where the ads will be shown. However, this too depends on a variety of factors. This includes the industry you’re in, the average Cost per Click(CPC) of the industry and the competition there is for each search term. (more on this later)


Shopify is one of the dedicated Ecommerce Platforms that offers the best sales features of the market. Besides that, it has a brilliant inventory management system that sends you an alert for stock replenishment.So, if you really trust your business, try Shopify now. This is one of the best ecommerce platforms for startups that gives you complete freedom to sync your application with Shopify and equally manage the orders and payment gateways. 1,000,000+ businesses worldwide are using Shopify to incrementally grow their online presence achieving scalable heights exponentially.Here, little development skills are needed.We are a trusted Shopify development company who can easily customize your business requirement.

Price: Starting from $29 per month

Incredible Features:

  • It is user friendly and easy to develop

  • Supports the SEO Practices

  • Has an excellent loading speed

  • Extensive ranges of themes are available

2. WooCommerce: Best Platform for ecommerce start-ups


WooCommerce is a flexible Ecommerce platform for WordPress Websites. This is an open-source platform where you get handy plugins and themes to grow your online business naturally.

Irrespective of running a start-up or looking for low-cost investment, WooCommerce has been an ideal choice. It allows you to expand your store with a global presence proudly serving a large community.

It has crossed 5 million+ active installations showing the trust of businesses in WooCommerce. Thus, it is the best ecommerce platform for startups. Give it a try, once!

Price: Varies as per business requirement

Varies as per business requirement

  • Facilitates with an in-built blogging option

  • Offers safe and secure payments

  • Customizable features and functions

  • Configurable shipping options

3. Squarespace: The Best Mobile-Friendly Platform


Squarespace is one of the best e-commerce platforms for startups. Here, you can create a simple yet elegant website to attain a stand-out impression from the competitors. It offers contemporary themes and classic store designs where you can showcase your creativity with the advanced features.Besides that, Squarespace has an excellent command with the social media channels to increase your online reputation. Yes, it is a good option to improve user engagement.

Price: Starting at $12/month.

Incredible Features:

  • Coding is not necessarily required

  • Optimize the emails, images, layout, & graphics

  • Seamlessly work for Apple devices with Retina Displays

  • Offers simplified features for coupons, shipping, and waitlists

4. Wix: A Popular Website Builder


Do you know Wix has 180 million+ registered users from almost 190 countries? Wix is another best e-commerce platform for startups where you can freely create a website. It gives you customizable designs and themes with an unlimited bunch of plugins to gain popularity within no time.This platform offers unparalleled blogging options for an effective content management system. Here, you can beautifully display images and videos with a high-quality spectrum. Don’t miss to check out its scrolling – zoom-in or fade-in effect!

Price: Starting at $14/ month

  • Helps with site analytics

  • Wix Editor gives stunning visuals and background

  • Offers mobile-responsive templates

  • It has a free ad-supported version

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5. Weebly: A best online platform for beginners


Are you looking for a powerful drag and drop website builder? Well, Weebly is a one-stop solution for your business requirement.It is one of the best ecommerce platforms where you can customize the web page designs with just one click. This is successfully chosen by beginners as it offers step-by-step guidance to fuel the growth of your just-started business.

Price: $6 – $26 per month

Incredible Features:

  • It has password-protected pages

  • Requires a little tech knowledge

  • Good to run automated email campaigns

  • Simplified order management, shipping, and payment options

6. Magento: Best Ecommerce Marketplace


How to create a delightful shopping experience for your targeted use? Try Magento .It is one of the best platforms for e-commerce websites where you can easily create engaging content with the utmost feasibility. However, the inclusion of next-gen technology will definitely shoot your business to the next best level.Magento is considered as the one-stop solution for B2B and B2C market places that deliver best in class dynamic features for integrating with the experiential analytics.

Price: Paid Magento installation starts from $22,000

Incredible Features:

  • Offers drag and drop tools for an easy creation

  • Supports your business with an external sales channel

  • Helps you with accounting, marketing, and inventory control

  • Provides a wide range of enterprise-level solutions

7. Selz: The best platform for web page creation


Selz is a result-driven Ecommerce Platform that purely emphasizes user-friendly tools for website development. It facilitates in creating the web pages easily with little or no knowledge of coding.All you need to do is customize the themes and select the best plugins. Here, you can sell, market, manage your digital products with an easy to use store building option. It consists of an in-app messaging where you can know your buyer and directly communicate to process the transaction.Besides that, you can optimize the advertisement campaign and smartly market your small business to a large group of communities.

Price: Free 14-day trial and starts with $26/month

Incredible Features:

  • Offers a 24*7 support system

  • Numerous customization options are available

  • Help you manage the payments and transactions

  • Easy to collect customer growth insight

8. Volusion: Best Platform for Smart Themes


Do you know Volusion is trusted by 180, 000+ entrepreneurs? Well, it is the best platform for an e-commerce website that helps small businesses in creating a successful online store through smart themes.Volusion offers 11 free as well as 34 premium themes giving you an extensive opportunity to grow your business with the most responsive design.If stuck in between, you have the privilege to communicate with the experts.

Price: Starting from $29/month

Incredible Features:

  • It has a rich content editor and an intuitive dashboard

  • Advanced search functionality

  • You can have professionally designed slideshows for the homepage

  • No coding knowledge is required

9. BigCartel: Best Platform for creative businesses


Are you an artist, musician, or creative jack? So, do you want to open your small online store? Welcome to Big Cartel!This is a well-thought-out platform for selling your creative merchandise and promoting your brand to the real audience. 1.5 million+ artists are actively using BigCartel.Also, if you have coding knowledge with CSS and HTML, you can give an immeasurable boost to your online business. That’s the power of BigCartel!However, it does not provide any in-built tool for the blogging platform and serves your website with a little designing support. There are few restrictions with the customization option as well!

Price: Starts from $9.99/month with a specific length of products

Incredible Features:

  • Quick with setting up your online store

  • Easy to run promotions, check order status and manage inventory

  • Excellent choice to start with something small

  • It has a clean and unique design interface

10. 3D Cart: Best Platform for an all-in-one solution


3D Cart, as the name suggests, it offers a three-dimensional Ecommerce Experience to a small business group. Being one of the most creative and best e-commerce platform for startups, it is trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs.With 3D Cart, you can not only build the best Ecommerce Website but can add high-quality pictures and engaging product descriptions with no time.It has 200+ in-built features with 50 free themes to apply to your online store. Along with that, you have complete flexibility to select the best of 100+ payment processors.3D Cart provides you with a pre-optimized website so you can run the ads and campaigns to attain a great rank in the search engine.

Price: Starting from $19/month

Incredible Features:

  • Offers your business with real-time shipping options

  • All-in-one hosted ecommerce solutions for buying and selling

  • Online marketing tools are available for group & daily deals

  • It includes cart abandonment recovery tools

11. PrestaShop: Best Cloud-hosted platform


PrestaShop is one of the best e-commerce platforms where you can successfully launch your e-commerce business. Almost 300,000+ merchants are actively using this platform to give voice to their brand.This platform is the collaboration of 250+ agencies where you can easily find an expert to communicate with a better prospect.Here, you can 100% customize your store just with a few clicks exploring the wide collection of themes and designs.

Price: Starting from $28 per month

Incredible Features:

  • It has a powerful Catalog and administrative interface

  • You can customize the product display options

  • Available in various languages

  • It has an advance tracking system and clean reporting

12. Yo!Kart: Agile Multivendor Ecommerce Solution


Yo!Kart is undoubtedly the best ecommerce platform in building online marketplaces. It is a white-label solution and comes with lifetime ownership. Yo!Kart offers the right set of features to build future proof multi-vendor marketplaces under the budget.The platform is specifically designed to deliver a tailor-made shopping experience that helps business owners to stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce landscape. The multi-vendor platform is fully customizable to build all types of B2B, B2C, or digital products ecommerce marketplace.

Price: Starting from $999 (one-time fee)

Incredible Features:

  • User-centered design

  • Global product catalog

  • Ready mobile apps

  • Advanced order management

  • Multiple payment options

  • Pre-Integrated with Stripe Connect, Taxjar, & other APIs

13. Quick eSelling


Quick eSelling is the best free ecommerce platform that enables business owners to start an online store at zero capital investment. It comes with hosting, standard ecommerce features, and powerful CRM to build future ready online stores. The platform is ideal for small to medium B2B & B2C business owners who want to start with a minimal budget and have zero coding experience.Unlike Wix or Woocommerce, Quick eSelling offers both web and mobile app solutions in the free plan. However, 5% transaction charges are applicable on the free plan as well.The platform is used by 20000+ businesses in different industries that include Grocery, Jewelry, Fashion, Food & Beverages.

Price: Starting for Free

Incredible Features:

  • Start online store without any coding knowledge

  • Multiple payment options

  • Fully managed and hosted ecommerce platform

  • Integrated with APIs like QuickBooks, SAP, etc.

  • Packed with B2B features

Which is the best ecommerce platform for startups?

A beautiful website with resonant themes and plugins is enough to set a mark during the inception.

Irrespective of whether you have just started your business or planned to shift to the online store, these e-commerce platforms are the best ones for your needs.

These offer responsive websites with scalable solutions that tailor your business and personal perspective with a revolving effect. Through this, you can launch your store with power back functions and classic storefronts.

So, all have their own unique set of designs and benefits. You only need to evaluate your business objective and consider these incredible features to delve at the best ecommerce platform for startups.

So, jumpstart with the right framework and elegantly design your dream store!

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