Mobile app builders are mobile app development tools that allow users to create apps that run flawlessly on every mobile operating system, including iOS, and Android. In this blog, we will compare StoreLab vs eStore2App mobile app builders and talk about their features, prices, compatibility, and a lot more so let's get started.


StoreLab is another known mobile app development tool. It'll convert any Shopify store into an iOS / Android app that can be accessed with the press of a button. The StoreLab team is a mobile commerce expert that loves creating mobile shopping apps. They believe in developing services that help their partners sparkle the brightest and convert more visiting users into recurring customers.

✅ Pros
  • Easy to develop an app with a drag and drop builder.

  • Good customer service.

  • Good product for Shopify.

  • Speedy and overall communication with the service team is good.

  • Allows more directness vs waiting for the website to load.

  • Audience segmentation

  • 100% email response rate

  • Push notification scheduler

❌ Cons
  • No app bar customization.

  • Limited number of widgets

  • No Push notification analytics

  • Does not feature AI production recommendation

  • No AI widgets

  • No CMS

  • Shoppable banner widgets are not available

  • No pop-ups in-app

  • No feedback popup

  • Multiple themes not available

  • No advanced analytics

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The eStore2App mobile app builder will assist you in converting your Shopify shop into a fully functional mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The eStore2App mobile applications will provide your consumers with all of the functionality of your Shopify site on Android & iOS phones.

✅ Pros
  • Drag & Drop

  • Feature Library

  • No-Code

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Customizable Templates

  • Advanced search features

  • Fast page checkout

  • Advance product filter

  • Social product sharing

  • App personalization

❌ Cons
  • No app bar customization.

  • Limited number of widgets

  • You won't be able to install more plugins.

  • No Push notification analytics

  • No AI widgets

  • No CMS

  • Shoppable banner widgets are not available

Let us compare more about their pricing and features

Features StoreLab eStore2App
Pricing - Free version?
Advanced $799/month $45/month
Widgets 10Limited
No code app builder
Push Notifications
User segmentation
Pop up forms
Integrations Up to 4 Limited
Yearly discount
Scheduled Push Notification
App bar customization
Shopble banner widgets
Multiple Themes
Push Notification Analytics
In-app Pop ups
AI product recommendation
App Analytics
Multiple ecommerce platform Support
Customer Support
Design Support
Product Reviews

Here, we complete the feature and price comparison between StoreLab vs eStore2App Apps mobile app builders. Are you still looking out for some best deals with some more features? Check out Swipecart, one of our premium products that are ready to serve your company with all the mobile app needs.

Also, leave the comments below and let us know which app you feel is best for your brand.