Establishing & sustaining a business may be difficult, particularly in the internet world. Yet to progress digitally there are several alternatives: you may design an app from scratch using a no-code drag and drop builder. These block builders enable you to be unique and flexible while developing your application with a drag-and-drop builder.


In this post, we'll go over all of the biggest benefits of drag and drop builders, as well as Swipecart, the industry's top app development platform. Let's get this started...!

1. No prior coding experience is required.

One advantage of drag-and-drop app builders is that they do not demand coding knowledge. You can design apps by dragging and dropping pieces. You may also work with numerous customizable templates. You can modify the templates to meet your requirements. You have complete control over how your app appears & functions.

No prior coding experience is required

2. Relatively low-cost

It is incredibly cost-effective to utilize a drag-and-drop application builder while constructing an application. You are not required to pay a coder or a designer. According to the subscription of the platform, you won't waste more dollars each month and most likely drag & drop builders are less expensive and have created new opportunities even for those who don't know how to code.

Relatively low-cost

3. Drag & drop builders provide a better oversight

Irrespective of who is tasked with mastering drag & drop builders or turning it into a more general ability among your staff, maintaining the processes in-house has a massive advantage in respect of project management.

When you hire people or a team, you have fewer options for being engaged in the project's progress. The process is normally designed in a requirement-based structure. You tell them everything you need, they offer a rough overview and some specifics, you accept and request adjustments, they revise their version again, you accept, they execute, and the final result is produced.

Although this has become a pretty productive system for effective development in the past, it also offers a lot of possibilities for mistakes. Any misconstrued information is frequently not completely manifested until the finalized project is given. Furthermore, implementing modifications after the fact generally includes extra investment or time expenditures, both of which many small enterprises lack, to begin with.

Drag & drop builders provide a better oversight

4. Advanced personalization

From the configurator, you may alter any element. This means that fonts, font sizes, headings, and so on may be easily altered and duplicated throughout your whole site utilizing a simple and easy interface. The theme, photos, and colors may be readily uploaded, & the additional integrations as per clients can be used to fine-tune as required. You may make changes to your entire app with a few clicks.

Advanced personalization

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5. E-commerce capabilities

E-commerce business owners may sell straight on their app using drag-and-drop builders such as Shoplazza, Shopify, Wix, and others. They also permit the incorporation of third-party applications & more sophisticated services such as dropshipping, and others.

6. Rapid development

Building an app takes little time as drag-and-drop builders already have pre-built capabilities. Furthermore, no specific talents are necessary. As a result, you won't have to consider taking app building classes. It is quite simple.

Even if you need to make changes, you don't have to worry. All you need to do is drag fields or elements onto the form, evaluate it, and then publish it. There's no need to start from the ground up or work with IT for weeks to optimize the process.

Swipecart No-code- drag and drop builder

Swipecart is a recognized enterprise grade mobile app development tool that uses predictive analysis, robust applications, and deep learning to solve business problems. We have a specialized team of highly qualified engineers who create world-class AI development products for clients all over the world.

Swipecart helps its clients in creating an app they desire on their own without writing a single line of code. It offers AI-based features like- Workflow automation, AI product recommendations, audience segmentation, user behavioral patterns, and a lot more.

Swipecart No-code- drag and drop builder

See why swipecart no-code, the drag-and-drop builder is best in the industry. Check out the mobile app builders comparison table below:

Feature Swipecart Tapcart Store labs Shopney Vajro Mowico Aftership Magenative Appmaker Taply Plobal Drobile Hulkapps Mobikul eStore2app Appypie
Pricing - Free version?
Basic$99/month$250/month$79/month$99/month$99/month$149/month$9/month $99/month$69.95/month$99/month$80/month$49/month$23/month$25/month$12/month
Advanced$999/month$1200/month$799/month$999/month$399/month $199/month$249/month$999/month$147.95/month$799/month$500/month$199/month$35/month$45/month$25/month
No code app builder
Push Notifications
User segmentation
Pop up forms
Integrations30+Up to 6Up to 4Up to 7-8Up to 7-8Up to 7-8 LimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Yearly discount
Scheduled Push Notification
App bar customization
Shopble banner widgets
Multiple Themes
Push Notification Analytics
In-app Pop ups
AI product recommendation
App Analytics
Multiple ecommerce platform Support
Customer Support
Design Support
Product Reviews

Swipecart is scalable & assists organizations in streamlining processes, improving user experience, and increasing revenue. Given this, whether you are trying to keep your consumers engaged or aspiring to develop a billion-dollar enterprise in today's competitive industry, look forward to employing Swipecart drag and drop mobile app builder for easy AI app development.

No-code is the future of Mobile app development and is a continuously developing sector. On the other hand AI and ML make the application experience more useful to consumers through their behavior monitoring & recommendation models.

In conclusion

Company owners have considerably more control over scheduling, pricing, contents, and general management, allowing them to grow their businesses as they see appropriate rather than being at the whim of a development team that demands major expenditure. This is why No-Code platforms are gaining popularity among various organizations since you can add important functionality to your mobile app using a drag and drop builder and release it in minutes.