So you've finally developed an app for yourself, but the results aren't as amazing as you had hoped. There are several reasons for this, but the very first thing you must ask yourself is if you are truly attempting to reach your target demographic. If you find yourself reluctant to answer this question, it's possible that your app requires more App traffic.

In this post, we'll discuss how to promote your app in front of more people and how to do it in the most efficient way possible with the help of a mobile app development company.

Promotion of your app on your website

If you're wondering, "Where do I advertise my app?" your website should be the first location you think of because it's a complete "zero budget campaign." Your website already has a steady stream of traffic, and the possibilities are you can convert these visitors into app users just by placing a modest app advertising header on your homepage.

If you believe that an application header would take up too much space on your main website, a Smart Banner might be an effective method to attract more users to your native app. Consider collaborating with a web development company to get this done effectively for you. Smart banners appear just for mobile users, and merely clicking on the banner takes them to the app store for their operating system. Small details like these demonstrate that your company is concerned enough about the digital and mobile experience to create native applications, which converts to thoughtfulness and contributes to a positive brand image.

Try Pre Launching

Before beginning to code any software, developers obtain the design from the UI/UX team. Firstly, if you're an independent developer, I'm sure you feel the same way. You plan your app first, then begin coding. Partnering with a Mobile app development company can be a great idea, to get your planning done in a perfect way. Secondly, while you are scripting, you most likely share your app's interface design on social media to let others know about it. You could have thought of it as pre-launch marketing.

Engage on social media

Nobody could have predicted what social media would turn out to be. Brands are increasingly using in-app functionality like Stories to generate even more installations and ad engagements—and you can do the same.You may build several types of advertising for both Facebook and Instagram using Business Social Media. And, when paired with activities such as upgrading your Facebook Header Image and Facebook Cover Photo with app marketing contexts, social media has latent potential that you may be overlooking.

Create a viral loop

Viral looping is the technique of getting users to execute your advertising for you. With a solid viral loop in place, your app users will have an incentive to share information about your business, which will attract more new users to your app. This 'info' must be appealing to both existing users and newcomers, that is why you must typically see something in the shape of discount offers, free items, game invites, and other such things.

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Incorporate a "Share" Button into Your App

We developers believe that marketing is a separate game. Yes, but it isn't actually that hard. If your product connects with marketing, you can enormously increase app downloads. When your product functions like marketing for itself, the more downloads you receive, the more promotion you will have. Including a "share" button within the app serves as a link between marketing and a good app. People like sharing excellent stuff. You've heard the marketing adage, "Word of mouth is the best marketing."

When a person shares anything with their friends and family, it becomes a digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. People will always share an app if they believe it's excellent. Nobody likes to share anything that isn't of excellent quality with others.

When you include a "share" button in your software, you are not asking users to disburse it like spam. we've experienced a number of applications that compelled its users to advertise the app. It has an adverse effect. Keep track of your app's initial session. Assume that if a user opens your app more than 20 times, you will only ask them to share it with their friends and family. If someone opens the app 20 times, you should assume that he or she likes it. So, if you ask them to share the app, odds are they will do so. However, if you instantly display a "share" popup in your app after the initial installation or second opening, no one will do it, therefore be cautious when asking your user to share your application.

Respond to App Store Feedback

Responding to all app store reviews is a difficult process. It takes some time. You probably appreciated the first handful of answers at first, but as the quantity of feedback mounted, it lost its allure. So you became too tired to respond to app store criticism. But, listen up: don't do that. Even if you're bored, respond to comments for the benefit of future app users. If you are unable to respond, delegate the task to someone on your team.

Consider feedback as an investment that will aid in the acquisition of future consumers. Your potential users will undoubtedly evaluate feedback before deciding whether to download your app or go on to the next app.

Respond as quickly as possible to the one-star comment. If someone writes one-star feedback, respond with tips about how you can assist them to improve their experience with your app.

App Icon Selection

We occasionally get perplexed when it comes to deciding on a single final icon for the app. Typically, when a designer creates an app icon, he or she creates two or more icons.You might use this as a chance to promote yourself on social media. Simply choose two app icons for your app and submit them to your social media account to be voted on.

Make an educational demo videoWith only a few screenshots of your software, you're not truly impressing users with what the app's features can achieve. A video does not have to be elaborate; it may just be a recording of you using the software and explaining to your consumers how it works and why they should download it. To reach a wider audience, the video should be shared not just on Facebook, but also on other video platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, and others.

A few words

Even if you have no or little money, there are always ways to promote your mobile app if you are prepared to look for them. The weight concepts presented above are an excellent beginning point for any business with a restricted budget that wants to reach out to additional people and increase app conversions.