When talking search optimization for mobile applications, the first factor that springs to mind is App Store Optimization, or ASO. But were you aware that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may also be used to drive mobile app downloads?

Mobile app profile pages, unlike Web sites, do not display in search engine results. Therefore, what can you do to ensure that your mobile app appears in search engine results?

Create a landing page first to begin with.

Having a web presence is the first step in harnessing the traffic streaming to your app. The more information on the site, the better. Even better if you have a blog related to your product and landing page.

The more visibility you give your landing page, or the more it appears in relevant search results related to your app's category or keywords, the more traffic and downloads it will receive.

So, here are some of the greatest practical SEO ideas from the most well-known professionals that may assist promote downloads by increasing exposure for your mobile app on search engines.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Downloads vs. Visibility

There is a clear relationship between app visibility & app downloads. Increased visibility will increase your chances of gaining more app downloads significantly.

So, what exactly is app visibility? As the name indicates, this phrase pertains to how easy it is to locate your application on the app store. Though App Store Optimization is often associated with app visibility, paid user acquisition strategies such as Apple Search Ads or smartphone ad networks also may enhance your app visibility. Since these user acquisition methods will allow you to reach out to a bigger number of people.

It's important to remember that there's a symbiotic link between app exposure and downloads. Just as raising app exposure may encourage app downloads, increasing downloads can drive your organic rankings even higher, improving your app visibility even more.


Better App Store Optimization

Many developers underestimate the usefulness of App Store Optimization. Creating a strong ASO strategy, in contrast, can improve the results of your other mobile user acquisition campaigns. Paid growth strategies will be significantly more successful when used in conjunction with a complete organic application.

So, how does App Store Optimization work exactly? By implementing App Store Keyword Optimization & Conversion Optimization, you can increase your organic results while maintaining a healthy ratio of product page visitors to installations.

It is also crucial to recognize that App Store Optimization is not a one-time event. To stay abreast of your application competitors & ensure that your application ranks for the finest prospective keywords, you will want to change & refresh your keywords on a frequent basis.

Please be aware! App Store Optimization for iOS & Google Play ASO differ significantly. Before going on your growth route, make sure you understand the internal workings of these platforms.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

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A keyword strategy based on Latent Semantic Indexing for the app's landing page

On-page SEO of your landing page or microsite with the relevant set of keywords is critical for Google or other search engines to know what keywords to rank your webpage for.

While the Google Keyword Planner tool is commonly used to uncover the proper set of keywords (those that form popular searches) that connect to your product, LSI keywords play a significant part in smart recognition of your landing page in Google's search results.

LSI keywords are synonyms & closely related terms that help Google understand what your site is about. When customers search for "Cars," Googles? They should be able to tell if they're searching for a movie or a car. And depending on its LSI keywords, Google can determine if a web page is connected to either or the other.

Enter your primary keyword into Google. Assume your application helps individuals with their sleeping problems, and your main phrase is 'Sleep Problems.' There really are currently three ways to find LSI keywords.

  • LSI keywords appear in the drop down of associated keywords when you type the query into the Google search window.

  • In the search results, Google will emphasize (bold) the content that is relevant. If you browse the results, you will discover LSI keywords such as "sleep problems."

  • Google displays other terms that are relevant to your keyword at the bottom of the search results page, such as 'how to sleep better,' narcolepsy, insomnia, and so on.

When including keywords in your landing page or microsite, make sure it's not just about the density or repetition of the main term, but also about using LSI keywords. You may also create blog entries that include LSI keywords.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Increase the retention and engagement of mobile apps

This is really crucial! In every type of business, pleased consumers are more inclined to refer to others. Mobile app retention and engagement data is one of the major metrics used to gauge user happiness in mobile app marketing.

Mobile app retention is typically measured in 1, 7, 30, and 90 days of usage and is based on the number of times users open your app. Although mobile app retention is unlikely to directly affect downloads or exposure, it can assist you in measuring the relationship between your app and users. Users who use your app for an extended period of time are more inclined to suggest it to their friends and relatives.

Furthermore, the reviews and ratings that these users provide will have a direct influence on your keyword ranks as well as conversion rates.

Also, keep in mind the ultimate aim of all of your mobile user acquisition efforts: revenue. The longer people stay on your app, the more money you earn, according to simple logic. So make sure your software is lovely and easy to use, and do everything you can to keep users coming back.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Be available socially online to increase app downloads

Create a unique website, landing page, or blog. This must all have a unique design as well as innovation as your app. Certainly, social media may help increase app downloads. TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, & LinkedIn are all great sites to market your product.

If you're familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you'll notice that ASO & SEO work on similar principles.

While developing a blog and engaging in content marketing may be more challenging for gaming apps, some categories might benefit significantly from having a blog & developing a Search Engine visibility. SEO may aid in increasing app downloads in a range of areas, such as healthy lifestyle, financial, & athletics.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Marketing through influencers

Everything comes down to spreading public understanding. It may look easy, but it demands rigorous execution when it comes to labor. Firstly, let us address the question, “Who is an influencer?"

Influencer is a person who is well-known in a specific industry but has no accountability for the product.

Influencers are frequently well-known users of social media sites including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even communities.

As a consequence, the technique of influencer marketing for mobile apps revolves around getting your app tested & assessed by these folks in order to put you in direct contact with the user population who might be interested in your application. Here's where influencer marketing enters in. If the right connections are struck, influencer marketing may offer fantastic outcomes.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Paid Ads

After establishing a good app with good ASO, paid user acquisition may be considered the next level of mobile user acquisition. Even though initiating a smartphone app advertising campaign is costly, such approaches can significantly increase app downloads.

Mobile Ad Networks might be a great way to disseminate your advertising creatives. Using Mobile Ad Insights, you can examine the ad networks that your competitors are using to determine the greatest opportunities for yourself. App competitor analysis is an established way for creating your smart phone user acquisition strategy.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

The app's title and subtitle

A title tends to be an essential part of your app. Choosing the proper name, on the contrary side, can boost your App Store SEO. Individuals are more inclined to tap on your application to learn more than that if your brand title & subtitle is interesting & contains relevant phrases and keywords that they are searching for in the App Store.

Having a catchy subtitle or tagline increases the visibility of your app. The name may pique a potential buyer's interest, but the description will give more contextual details on the application. Try out a couple different names before launching your app to see which one resonates the most. You'll get detailed responses from people you believe will appreciate what you're doing.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

App Description

You want your app's description to be as good as its title. Your app description should attract people to download it after they click on it.

Keywords in the description may or may not matter depending on whether your application is on the App Store or Google Play. It doesn't hurt to mention them, though.

Videos and screenshots

Screenshots show potential customers how the program looks on the inside. They can see how the application appears and how simple it is to use. Choose your images with consideration; highlight the parts of the program that will be the most helpful and appealing to the consumer. Videos take screenshots to a whole new level. Consider your video material to be a walking tour of your application for potential customers. They not only will be able to see how the program works, but customers will also have a sense of what it will feel when they use it.

If you're unclear as to which screenshots to utilize, consider some of your app's key features that make it appealing to mobile app consumers. Consider what you feel prospective customers need to see. For example, if you've designed an application for marathon runners, they might desire to see how the maps and mile counter look.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Ratings and reviews

High reviews & ratings, as well as the number of downloads for your application, can boost SEO and drive app downloads. Application developers may collect reviews & ratings from application users through a number of ways, including simply asking in the descriptions.

Apps with a higher rating are better inclined to be trustworthy & suggested on the App Store. Try your best to engage your reviewers. Thank users for testing including using your app, & respond to any concerns noted in reviews and ratings as quickly as possible.

It may look unusual that charging could help the SEO of your app. Following all, other apps are accessible at the same price. Pricing, meanwhile, is more difficult than strikes the eye.

Mobile app developers can charge a variety of fees for their applications, including free with advertisements, free with in purchases (freemium), or paid.

Don't underestimate yourself. Examine what your competitors are charging. Evaluate how your application may give clients with more value for much less money.

The App Store & Google Play both display free and paid apps in various categories. If you charge for your program, no one who is seeking for apps available will be able to locate it. Apps that really are free with the in payments, in contrast, remain free.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

App URL with Keywords

Many people make great apps and add vital keywords & phrases in the text & descriptions. The majority of individuals, meanwhile, disregard the app's URL. They will ignore it and leave out the keyword. As a consequence, search engines will disregard its importance, so the target population will be unable to access it. To increase visibility, make it accessible to search engines. Include important keywords at all times.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Use A/B testing

It is impossible to evaluate the app's effectiveness if you do not have the necessary information or comprehension. You must also use time-tested procedures or analytics. A/B testing is fairly widespread and extremely effective in determining an app's performance. It aids you in differentiating the finest from the average and offers suggestions for what may be affecting the app. It might be the keyword location, the URL, or something else entirely. Testing is a critical element.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Utilize a QR code

There are several beneficial uses accessible. They have a good explanation, a nice aesthetic, and give solutions to a particular problem. Regrettably, they don't have a large number of downloads. This is owing to a lack of QR codes or their use of ineffective ones. The coding aids in streamlining the application & making it easily distinguishable among the many programs. It enhances traffic and ranks higher in SERPs when used with the right URL. The QR code may be connected to social networks in addition to the application.

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Do app promotion

Like some other tools and things, application must be promoted. This helps to introduce it to the marketplace plus disseminate favorable word about it. There are several approaches and forums for promoting the program. You may do it yourself, employ a marketing or SEO professional, or use third-party websites. Backlinks are effective since they supplement other marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, & so on. In-app purchases can also be made to help support & advertise the application.

Many people are bewildered by the terms ASO (App Store Optimization) & SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But if you do not even understand the terminology, you might end up utilizing the incorrect way. Both attempt to increase website traffic and, as a consequence, the companies' market exposure. They also boost the SERP (Google Ranking). It is typically best to engage with a qualified & reliable app development company. The organization will be familiar with a variety of apps, ASO, and SEO strategies. It will assess your organization's needs and propose the finest application. They will also be with you throughout the design & execution phase, as well as regularly monitoring market efficiency.