So what makes a CTA stand out?

Simply put, a successful CTA generates high conversion rates. You want an increasing number of individuals to embrace your hook and complete the required activity. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the current average conversion rate for a CTA feature across all sectors is only 4.23 percent.

An excellent CTA is straightforward and elicits interest. It must fulfill your promises without squandering time; for example, if you invite people to click to 'get our eBook,' the hyperlink must take them to the eBook web page and not somewhere else.


All marketing activities should be directed towards a certain goal. This is commonly referred to as customer acquisition, or the collection of marketing assets (leads) aimed to attract prospective customers to the business & engage them in the selling process.

Lead generation must be a customer-specific approach for raising brand recognition & sales. A lead generation approach entices the prospective buyer to take the initial step by using message, design, color, placement, & real concern (the buyers', not yours).

Joining a newsletter, rewards program, or introductory deal might be an example of this. As well, what are among the most successful lead-generating tactics for converting customers?

A strong call to action CTA

Anything you intend to promote, whether it's your site, service or item, or your business via email, you must pay careful attention to the call-to-action (CTA). After your readers have absorbed what you do have to say, the CTA is your instructor.

In a nutshell, this is a communication that is a few words yet worth a thousand words. Your CTA will be as effective as your persuasive communication and will demonstrate how distinctive you are as a company.

It does take some practice to increase the conversion of your CTA. Don't worry, so we'll reveal to you the top 15 strategies you can employ to bring in more customers with your CTA in this post.

What is a CTA

CTA buttons are indeed the buttons that are used on your site or app and landing pages to direct readers to your desired page/result. It is the section of the landing page where the user must click to execute the desired action. CTA buttons might differ in size and layout based on your conversion objective & design. Some instances of CTA buttons include:

  • Button for adding items to cart

  • Sign-up forms

  • Free trials button

  • Downloading button

CTA buttons have a single purpose: to get your website/app user to click and take action.

15 best practices for increasing CTA conversions

What is a CTA

1. Make certain that your CTA is visible.

Though this may appear to be a no-brainer, you'd be amazed at how often businesses seriously fall short to do so. Sometimes marketing decision makers fail to distinguish their CTA from several other text elements. In plenty of other instances, they would provide too many CTAs, which also will appear spammy rather than user-friendly.

On the whole, the CTA ought to be straightforward & simple to comprehend. Make it easy to differentiate from other content parts as well as fairly large quiet so for others to recognize. On your landing page, your CTA should indeed be written and published clearly & directly.

Make certain that your CTA is visible.

2. Determine what is currently working and what is not working:

You must first recognize the issues before you could offer a solution. The process of collecting statistics and data regarding your site or app customer demographics, and sales journey give a direct clear understanding of where clients invest their time on the site, what catches their focus, and when they converted or did not convert.

Google Analytics, for example, can provide a wealth of information about hard data as well as bounce rates. When merged with a graphical heat map instrument like Hotjar, you can create a rather strong visual grasp of the client path on your digital platform.

Can they, for example, remain above the flap? Do they interact with images or links? Which page do they scroll and how down do they scroll the page, and what do they devote their time reading?

As and when you get answers to these questions you are all set to work.

3. Define the goal

Determining what acts you need them to consider taking will help you shape the layout, and context for your action call.

Would you like them to:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter?

  • Take advantage of a discount?

  • Partake in a competition?

  • Promoting an event?

  • Make a purchase?

  • Add to cart; etc.

Define the goal

Build An Engaging App For Free

Get Started

4. Make use of smart verbs & appealing words

CTAs must be brief & to the point. Don't use too many words. Be clear and concise & to the point.

Your audience should understand what they're intended to do right away, or else they'll move onto another page, resulting in a missed opportunity.

Using action verbs is a great way to catch your visitor's focus. Here are a few of the many prevalent choices:

  • Purchase, Order, or Buy

  • Download or Subscribe

  • Find out more or show me more

All of these instances 'push' visitors to act. In addition, there are many other words that consumers find appealing. These are some examples:

  • Free

  • New

  • Discount

  • Profit

  • Increase

  • Trial

  • Secret

  • Now

  • Discover

  • Enroll

  • Join now

  • More

With this in the head, a CTA could be:

Order Your Free Trial

Subscribe to Enjoy the Offer

Make use of smart verbs & appealing words

5. Make a Personal Statement

It is critical to address your viewers straightforwardly. Unbounce saw an increased conversion by 90% by modifying the word 'you' in their CTA to me.' Viewers should have the impression that perhaps the deal seems to be just for 'them.'

'I Want to Save Money’ is preferable to 'Click Here to Save Money.'

If you are using email marketing, you could even use your consumers' real names. This will give them the impression that you genuinely care about people and that the message was tailored specifically for them.

The CTA should appear to be tailored to your target audience. Consider a company that sells wedding dresses. While a wedding gown is associated with fashion, it is not what needs to sell because marriages and relationships entail emotions. This is an important factor to consider in your CTA. The page must not only illustrate how trendy your gowns are but furthermore how they can enhance the bride's special morning. You must establish a sentimental connection with your viewers.

Make a Personal Statement

6. Provide a Solution

The rivalry is fierce, and consumers have numerous options. You should indeed provide them with a compelling purpose to do what you desire them to do. This can become very complex and difficult either because, in most instances, you might need their time, money, or even both - things that most consumers are unwilling to share.

Recalling our previous tip, we discussed using special text that viewers find appealing. The majority of web users are seeking an answer to their issues. The issue could be any of it, such as a shortage of funds, pesticide residues, or a food preparation competition.

Your task is to recognize the troubles as well as proffer a quick fix that feels like it gives them much more than it takes away.

The goal of a CTA is to encourage individuals about your service or item and present it as a remedy to their problem. In certain cases, you may need to utilize the content on your page to showcase their trouble before addressing it.

For instance, if you offer umbrellas, the page should discuss how dangerous it may be to go outside when it is sunny, snowing, or rainy. Once you've identified the issue, you can promote your item by using CTAs such as:

Protect Me Against The Rain

I am prepared to defend myself.

These CTA illustrations are personalized, contain some appealing words, and present the umbrella (your item) as a way to solve. However, all this may not be sufficient to pique people's interests. There are a plethora of websites selling umbrellas, some at a cheaper price than others. Why should the individual choose you? They will do so if you showcase your USP, which could also range from low prices to long-lasting products.

Provide a Solution

7. Be Inventive

It is essential to be innovative whenever it comes to CTAs. Although you could add a dull text CTA on your website, the fact is that it won't create successful outcomes since text CTAs are typically disregarded.

So no one will notice what you're offering if it's weaved into the content & doesn't stick out. This is the reason you must be creative in highlighting your CTA with various aspects.

First and foremost, it is preferable to use a button rather than words. When creating your CTA button, keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

8. The Dimensions

The median button, as per reports, is 47.9 pixels tall. Other sites, meanwhile, employ bigger buttons that are up to 50 pixels wide. There are other smaller buttons, some as little as 20 pixels. Although they function, they might not be particularly useful because Apple recommends touch points be at least 44 pixels tall. This does not imply you may use larger buttons, as oversized buttons might distract viewers and potentially force them to abandon a page.

The Dimensions

9. The Shape

The button doesn't have to be dull. You may create a variety of forms, such as curved buttons or buttons having square corners. Some pages become quite imaginative with their buttons, employing unusual forms such as triangles. There is no specific choice or preference here; you can prefer what is best for you.

The Shape

10. Content

Pay consideration to the size, height, color, and font of your content. Make an effort to use shorter words that are easily understandable. Squinting is not permitted when reading what is written.


11. The Shade

Colors are an effective approach to draw attention to your call-to-action button. Colors, like it or not, may have a significant influence on your conversion rate. While the correct color is determined by elements such as the backdrop color and graphics on your website, orange and green are the most effective. Knowing color psychology may assist you in selecting the best color for your site. Certain colors are recognized to have psychological impacts, such as blue, which is associated with trust and tranquility, and red, which is associated with aggression or warning.

The Shade

12. Remove Distractions

Distractions are text or design features that divert readers' attention away from the intended activity. Interruptions arise when you attempt to accomplish a lot. We end up overwhelming people with advertisements and data that they do not require.

13. Mobile Optimization

According to worldwide industry research, approximately 70% of online traffic in 2023 will be mobile, implying that the majority of your clients will want an optimized layout. For smartphone CTAs, there must be both aesthetic & UX aspects that provide straightforward, simple displays that are visible in a smaller format.

Main CTAs must be above the fold (many consumers arrive on the smartphone page prepared to purchase) and be large and separated enough to be readily clicked on a tablet.

Mobile Optimization

14. Urgency + Tone of Voice

In 2-5 words, effective CTAs ought to be personalized, urgent, and give a clear benefit. They should indeed be composed in the first person, with broad phrases like 'your' replaced with me' wherever feasible. For an instance:

Download your recipe here instead of here. Get My New Favorite Recipe According to a recent Salesforce survey, approximately 60% of prospective & current consumers are prepared to provide personal information in return for personalized discounts & promotions.

To boost the 'I need this right now vibe, use vocabulary that fosters a sensation of urgency with elevated terms like 'now!' 'today!' or 'limited time.'

Urgency + Tone of Voice

15. Testing, Testing & Testing

Follow up on your generating leads and CTA approach with extensive testing. The A/B testing regime enables you to create many variations of a CTA and compare the effectiveness of each one. If you cannot find any numbers you love, try again and again until you do.

Testing is the most obvious approach to leverage your plan & implement quick, successful modifications for growth strategies.

Testing, Testing & Testing

Finishing up

We've gone through all there is to know regarding call-to-action buttons from the ground up. Anything from their definition to ways to optimize them for greater conversions is covered.

This post has provided a comprehensive guide for creating CTA buttons that are captivating, convincing, and strong in conversion. Follow us to see more such helpful tutorials, & feel free to contact Swipecart for additional information on CTA button or anything else relevant to the business of mobile apps.