October 06, 2022

How to create an app like Target Corporation

Target is a general merchandise retailer with around 1,900+ stores in the U.S. Started in 1960, it is present in all 50 states of America. You can easily gauge the popularity of an app when it gets 4.9-star ratings out of the 4.6 million reviews in the Apple App Store.

Today, we have decided to create an app like Target using the no-code app builder Swipecart. We can create apps for our online store visually using pre-built modules on this platform. Hence it is quicker and easier to start building apps, rather than preparing to work. Let’s begin.

To make things easy, watch this video tutorial before you start -

A mobile app for your store is a sure-shot way to increase customer engagement. Use the drag-and-drop app builder Swipecart to create an amazing app for your online store. Boost online sales and increase your profits manifold.

Steps to create an app like Target:

install Swipecart. For those wanting to install and activate it from their e-commerce website building platforms, it is available on the Shopify app store and WordPress plugincenter. Once you are done, you are taken to the Swipecart dashboard.

  • We start building an app like Target by creating a layout. In the dashboard, click on "Layouts" in the left menu.We start building an app like Target by creating a layout. In the dashboard, click on "Layouts" in the left menu.

  • To create a new layout, click on the “Create Layout” button.

  • Clicking on “Create Layout” will open a popup. Now, we give a name to the layout.

  • Type the layout name as Target. Click on "Create".

  • Since we have to create an app based on the Target app theme, we select a "Blank Layout". Click on "Create Layout".


Theme Settings

  • You’ll be taken to your layout dashboard with the default tab as “Theme Settings” and the sub-tab as "App Bar Settings". The primary function of “Theme Settings” is to customize the app's look. It has multiple options to set branding elements for your app. Let's start customizing the app bar.

  • App Bar Settings- Here, we can modify the app bar color, font color, bottom radius, and elevation. Enable/disable the visibility of the cart, favorite, notification, and search icons on the app bar. We have enabled the visibility of the search icon for the Target app. Upload the logo image or title text. click here to know more on App Bar Settings.

  • Click on "Save" wherever it is given before you exit the screen or tab so that the changes are saved to your layout.

  • Next, customize the look of the side menu, bottom bar, user profile page, and input style (welcome/sign-in page). For all these, go to the respective tabs on the left menu. A set of readymade templates are available for each. Select an option from the variants and save it to the app.

  • Theme style settings- Here, you can manage and edit the fonts, colors, and app loaders for a universal app usLet's customize some of the theme elements now. Here, edit some of the theme styles such as font style, scale, and color. Upload the Target brand loader GIF. click here to know more about Theme Settings on Swipecart.

  • Here's the mobile preview of the Target app with the customized app bar, bottom bar, and theme.


Designing the Home Screen

  • The next task is to customize the home screen of the app. Click on the “Home” tab to edit the Home page layout. In this tab, a blank home screen layout with only the app bar and bottom bar is displayed.

  • Filling contents inside the layout is easy with Swipecart. It has visual UI components called widgets that you can access from a drop-down box. You have to drag and drop them into place inside the layout with a drag-and-drop editing tool. Click here to know more about the widgets and their function.

  • Single Banner - Let's start by adding a single banner widget. Locate a drop-down box to your top-right just next to the home screen layout.
  • Click on it and select "Single Banner" from the list. From among the different style variants of single banners displayed, select one and place it in the home screen layout. Click here to know more about the single banner widget.

  • Now, we add an image to the single banner. Hover over the widget and click on "Add/Edit Content". Select a collection category from the “Collection” tab drop-down list. Next, click on the upload icon to select and upload an image for your banner. Click on “Add”. The image gets internally linked to the selected collection category.

    Click here for a detailed tutorial on adding and editing content into the widget.

  • To customize the style elements for the single banner, hover over the banner and click on "Edit Style". An "Edit Style" screen opens. Here, edit the styling options such as radius, padding, adding a background color or image, title alignment, font color, and so on.

    Click here to know more about how to style widgets on Swipecart.

  • Here's the mobile preview of the Target app with a single banner added to its home screen.

  • Banner Grid - We'll add a banner grid to the app. Through this, you can show any offers on products or take them to any newly launched collection category.

  • Select the "Banner Grid" option from the drop-down widget list. From among the variants displayed, select one and place it on the home layout. click here to know more about the banner grid on Swipecart.

  • To add content to the banner grid click on "Add/Edit Content". Select a collection category from the drop-down list in the Collection tab. Now, click on the upload icon to open and add a relevant image to the grid. Click on "Add". Similarly, repeat the process to add more images to the banner grid. Click on "Save" before you exit any popup.
  • To customize the banner grid style, hover over it and click on "Edit Style". Here edit the styling parameters and save the changes. Click on "Update" on the dashboard after you save to update the changes to the app.

  • Have a look at the banner grid on the Target app's home screen.

  • Continue to add single banners and banner grids throughout the app to complete designing the Target app. Click here to know about designing apps on Swipecart.

  • Besides this, you could add widgets like a Banner Grid, Banner Slider, Collection Grid, Product List, and Timer.

  • Here's a final preview of the Target app created on Swipecart.

So, that completes our tutorial on how to create an app like Target. Swipecart has pre-coded UI components in the form of widgets and a powerful drag-and-drop editing tool to make creating apps a cakewalk.

Try creating this app for your online store and if you have queries on the same, Contact us.