Are you dealing with the problem of abandoned carts?

Would you trust me if I told you that you could stop your biggest eCommerce misery by delivering abandoned cart emails? As of 2021, the global average cart abandonment rate was 75.52 percent, implying that three out of every four customers who added products to their basket did not finish their transaction.

But don't worry, the news isn't all awful.

Referring back to my earlier point, you have a tremendous potential to convert those abandoned buggies into retrieved income.

But how exactly?

According to comprehensive research on the effectiveness of abandoned cart emails, the average conversion rate for cart dropout emails in 2021 was 18.64 percent.

This detailed blog seeks to cover all aspects of email retargeting, but before we get started, let's define what is cart abandonment & how to draft a perfect cart abandoned cart email.

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What is cart abandonment mail?

A cart abandonment mail is a follow-up email delivered to the user who has placed things in his or her basket but then abandons the transaction. This is an effective sales restoration method. According to Shopify, over 50% of all abandoned cart emails are opened, and more than a third of clicks result in purchases elsewhere on the site.

Abandoned cart emails assist online companies in recovering lost sales from customers who depart their shopping baskets before checking out. Cart abandonment occurs for a multitude of factors; some consumers may be interested in a certain item but are not dedicated to purchasing at this moment; and, occasionally, checkout friction generated by unexpected costs, website failures, bugs, and difficult checkout processes also contribute to cart abandonment.

Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

Users quit shopping carts for a variety of reasons, ranging from a lack of faith in the e-commerce supplier to just being preoccupied. It is critical to understand how to finish sales. Here are some of the most compelling explanations.

Baymard Institution, an independent web UX research institute, polled its audience in the United States to determine the cause for departure (other than the "I was just browsing" option). The following are the top three reasons given:

  • High freight costs - 48%

  • To finish the transaction, an account must be created - 24%

  • Delivery time is too lengthy - 22%

What is the significance of abandoned cart alerts?

Abandoned carts constitute a significant income loss for any online retailer. And an aborted cart notification is the most effective conversion improvement tool for mitigating these possible losses.

An astonishing number - 75% of delayed purchasers want to return to their baskets, so contact out and entice them again while your business and items are still fresh in their thoughts. Browsing & leaving anything in your basket indicates a strong urge to acquire a thing, even if the purchase is not finished. We've already heard of people putting items in their trolleys and then waiting for payment.

A loaded shopping trolley left in your digital aisles, for whatever circumstance, symbolizes earnings prospective & should be sought. Sending gentle nudges to potential customers can recover possible lost income from purchasers.

Aside from revenue concerns, cart abandonment emails can enhance user experience & connections. When it relates to recurring client encounters, personalized customer care can create a huge distinction between night and day. And determining why your consumers abandoned their trolleys in the first instance might be the first step towards developing a stronger relationship with your customers. Furthermore, if done correctly, it may demonstrate to your customers that you worry about them.

It also gives you another responsibility to deliver your brand’s message to shoppers, allowing you to stay even longer in the thoughts of your target demographics.

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When to deliver cart abandonment notification

You just can’t let the cart sit without any activity and hope that the customer will return one day and complete the purchase. However, merchants should be wary of the number of reminder letters they send, since too many could start to feel like spam and drive away customers. The key for everything in this life and business is moderation or a game plan. Remember that.

To deliver a cart abandon email, you must first obtain your customer's email address. This may be accomplished by asking them to create a profile with your store before they begin adding products to their basket. You may also capture them right the moment they visit your website/app by offering special bargains or urging consumers to register for your weekly email.

The ideal abandoned cart email timing guideline mandates that firms send 2 to 3 emails after a customer abandons their basket. The very first mail gets sent immediately after the consumer leaves your shop. It could ask them why they left and inform them of the fantastic things in their basket. According to research, sending an email 1 during the first twenty minutes following cart abandonment resulted in a 5.2 percent conversion rate. 4.5 percent of those submitted within the first hour are successful.

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Mail 2 should be sent one to three days following the very first email, and it must reaffirm the previous email's content while also pleading for the consumer to return. Number 3 should indeed be delivered 4-7 days following abandonment, and therefore should advise clients that their cart contents are about to go out of the stock. Offering coupons or other special discounts in your third email is one approach to get clients to return to your store.

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Cart abandonment emails help to strengthen customer connections.

Cart abandonment emails enable you to reconnect with leavers, communicate with them, and create a connection with them. You may boost the relevancy of your contact with your consumers by sending tailored emails and making customized product suggestions. This allows your customers to see your business as pertinent and beneficial.

Furthermore, including your brand's individuality in the mail helps you to be distinct and remembered.

All of these factors boost your consumers' trust & devotion to your brand, increasing the possibility of future orders.

How to make your e-commerce cart abandonment mail stand out

Be memorable

The subject line is likely the most important aspect of any email promotion (and besides, what good is an email if it isn't opened? ), and discarded cart mails are no different.

Here's a lovely subject line sample from Chubbies Shorts, as suggested by Dan Wang:

cart abandonment email from chubbies

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Go personal

Another effective strategy is to provide a personalized email. You may accomplish this by personalizing the subject line, posing a query, or doing each. Here are two good examples to get you started:

Lily, you forgot how much you wanted to spend on this!

Personalized + Question: America, don't you think you're missing something?

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Tell as it is

Not every consumer requires a brilliant subject line to be persuaded: the simple thought that the shopper overlooked or forgot about an item might be sufficient to entice the buyer to check the email. A basic message like "Finish your purchase," "You still have products in your basket," or "We're still awaiting your order" will suffice.

Gut instinct or emotion will not assist you decide if a creative or plain topic line is preferable. Regularly A/B testing your article titles can assist you understand what works and what doesn't.

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Write the perfect email copy

Excellent copy is the lifeblood of every retargeting email. While it's easy to get caught away while crafting a smart message, you must explicitly cover the following aspects in your email copy:

  • The customer has abandoned an item/items in their shopping basket.

  • The consumer was captivated enough by the product to add it to the shopping basket.

  • The customer must finish their order right away.

Here's an excellent example from Ray-Ban:

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There is a triple excellence in the copy- the content is so surprising that you can't resist but be drawn in. The tone is action-oriented, motivating, yet urgent, yet it is not overbearing. The call to action is as clear as it should be.

Also, if an earring-wearing, sunglasses-wearing, yellow-green bear with a mic doesn't pique your interest, I'm not sure what would.

Being unique helps set your email apart from the thousands of marketing emails that buyers get on a regular basis. It's also a good idea to provide a photograph of the specific item that was forgotten in the cart.

Incentivize your email

High costs & shipping charges are the most common reasons for cart abandonment. Many customers determine the total price simply by adding together the products without including tax or delivery expenses. When the amount exceeds expectations, it's a simple reason to leave the page & skip shopping.

Nordstrom recognises that unexpected delivery fees are the leading cause of cart abandonment and addresses this from the start:

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Nordstrom is removing limitations from a variety of perspectives. It guarantees you that delivery is free in the first sentence, and then underlines this point with a banner in various colors. The point is self - evident: replacements or shipping will not be a problem. Or, even if you need assistance with your order, here's a phone help line, our email address, as well as how to speak with a specialist.

Clients who have been enticed off by a final cost might potentially be won back by giving a discount.

Levi's accomplished it this way:

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Levi's does not contain a photo of the discarded product, but it does offer me a good temptation to purchase it: a 25% discount. Heavy discounts might be appealing, but you must determine whether they are appropriate for your organization. If you decide to provide a markdown as a - purchase reward, please remember that although it may aid you to reclaim cart abandonment, it may also affect your total sales results.

Delivering a discount, therefore, suggests that the customer departed the basket based only on pricing. In reality, the shopper may have had technical difficulties with checkout or may just have become preoccupied and so was unable to complete the transaction.

There are several reasons why customers abandon their carts. It is your responsibility to spend the effort in analyzing your behavioral data to discover when, why, how, and to whom basket abandonment occurs. Understanding how your customer's act can help you decide when or when not to provide a discount.

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Last Thoughts

Cart abandonment is a harmful occurrence in e-commerce that cannot be prevented, but it may be controlled.

Cart abandonment emails are quite effective in lowering cart abandonment rates & retrieving carts. As a side consequence, they strengthen customers' relationships with the business, increasing confidence and commitment, and allowing the firm to investigate and resolve some of the causes for leaving.

Empty cart emails are indeed an artwork as well as a science. Do not just simply compose one email & then consider it per day. Picking the ideal headline, content, mail layout, suggestion technique, & reward to provide requires constant improvement and testing with the information you have. Cart abandonment is an unavoidable reality of online buying, but cart abandon email may be a helpful tool for eCommerce merchants to use to combat it.