With 67% of customers having formerly installed a merchant app, smartphones have evolved into one of the greatest preferred methods to browse goods. As a consequence, it is becoming highly essential for eCommerce firms to create mobile apps for a better customer experience, which improves conversions at their shops.

The custom mobile app builder is an all-in-one solution for converting your shop into a native Android or iOS app that can be launched on the application store. Without much coding experience, this pre-built framework gives all app development tools with endless functionality of a native mobile app. The custom e-commerce app builder is the finest solution for providing clients with a smooth purchasing experience via an interesting mobile app.


Why build an app?

Native mobile applications enable you to create a user experience that is especially targeted at mobile consumers. E-commerce retailers value user experience more than almost any other sort of business. A minor increase in conversion rate as a consequence of improved mobile UX can give up a significant increase in income over time.

While web pages & dynamic web applications provide an adequate mobile user experience, they fade in contrast to mobile apps. Statistics support this. Apps saw a dramatic boost in items viewed per visitor, as well as substantial boosts in add-to-carts & buy rates, as compared to retailers on mobile browsers.

As a result, applications convert at a 130% greater rate than mobile websites.


Let us quickly go through the best custom e-commerce mobile app builder that you can put your hands on.

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Features Swipecart Buildfire Mobiloud Shoutem Builderfly Builder Mowico Builder.ai Appy pie GoodBarber iBuildApp AppMachine App Makr Mobikul
Mobile app builder
Custom branding
Integrations & Plugins
Design flexibility
Native mobile app
Push notifications
In app popups
Abandoned cart recovery
Product recommendations
Product reviews & ratings
Advanced search & filters
Multi region
Discount codes
Product 360 degree display
Back in stock
Order cancellation
Currency options


Generally, mobile app builders are just limited to Shopify or WooCommerce, or any specific platform. But what if you don’t have your website dedicatedly to Shopify or WooCommerce? Can you still develop a feature-rich fully customizable app? The answer is Yes, and that is what makes Swipecart the number one custom mobile app builder because it allows you to turn any website into an edge-to-edge feature-rich app.

Swipecart allows you to build the app without writing even a single line of code. You can create an app in minutes and save the dollars that you would spend on IT teams and the development of the app from the ground up. Swipecart offers all the same functionalities that you would find in any other app developed by developers. It gives you the same flexibility and the power to customize every minimal thing of the app without code.


With the help of Swipecart, you can easily deliver extraordinary customer experiences and create a new mobile app marketing platform to widen your audience base. You can increase your sales, and average order values, allowing quick engagement with your customers.


Key features of Swipecart include:

  • No-code mobile app building

  • Create an app for free

  • Supports any website

  • Pre-optimized design & layout

  • Endless customization available

  • Huge plugins & integrations library

  • Unlimited AI-based push notification

  • Audience segmentation

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Workflow automation

  • Scheduler

  • Easy data integration

  • Analytical dashboard with all important KPI

  • Cart abandonment

  • Remarketing

  • Product recommendations

  • Live chat

  • Rapid-checkout

  • Language & currency converter

  • Discount & Promo codes

  • Rewards, loyalty programs & reviews

  • Inventory management - In/Out stock notifications

  • Returns & Delivery management

  • Fully optimized for SEO

  • 100% Responsive

  • 100% Secure

  • Swipecart guide/tutorials

  • Seamless deployment

  • Swipe Mode for enhanced user engagement

  • Studio Mode and a lot more

  • Cost-efficient with a wider feature base

  • 24hr assistance


BuildFire is another popular custom e-commerce mobile app builder. BuildFire provides your company with the tools it requires to survive in the highly challenging mobile market. BuildFire provides a DIY application development platform to assist you in creating your own smartphone mobile apps. If you want a complete mobile app development solution, BuildFire will help you run quickly. The finest in the market will provide you with skilled app planning, development, & continuous optimization & support


Key features of Buildfire includes:

  • Design Templates

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Debugging

  • Deployment Management

  • Drag and Drop

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Mobile Development Without Coding

  • Pre-made Templates

  • Reporting/Analysis

  • Software Development

  • Visual Modeling

  • Source Control


MobiLoud Canvas enables you to create a mobile app directly from any website. What differentiates it from the rest is that the plugin developer constructs and deploys your app for you. That makes it excellent if you don't want to create an app yourselves. Furthermore, the end effect is unique software.

You may be asking what the plugin is for if MobiLoud's team handles all the work. It is used to configure and manage the app with push alerts both during creation and after it has gone live.

When you utilize MobiLoud Canvas to construct your Android and iOS app from your WooCommerce site, you'll gain the following advantages:

MobiLoud ranks among the top WooCommerce app builders that focus on user experience. It is also a custom ecommerce mobile app builder. This solution enables you to create white-label software that will assist you in increasing sales & conversions.

Automatic Sync is among the most outstanding features. Whenever you add fresh goods, and product lines, or update the current products, the Android/iOS application will be updated as well. There is no need for a manual update! Furthermore, you may integrate third-party payment gateways within the app to provide your customers with a simple checkout procedure.

MobiLoud promises to be the quickest method to develop a smartphone app. Nonetheless, if you encounter any problems or questions with the app, you can always reach out to the staff.


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MobiLoud's most popular features include:

  • Rapid app development

  • Works with your platform

  • White-label apps

  • Personal branding and style

  • CPT incorporation

  • Automatic synchronization

  • Submission to the Google Play Store

  • Submission to the App Store

  • The fantastic customer service team


Our other pick for this list is Shoutem. Shoutem provides both a complete app builder for building mobile apps on your own and a professional custom ecommerce mobile app builder platform as a service.

Their app builder includes pre-made templates for a variety of app categories, including retail applications. You may either link your application with your existing shop or create and operate it as a separate platform.

However, it is not a smooth connection. Prepare to put in some effort to maintain your brand awareness consistent throughout your online and mobile businesses. Apps include push notifications and every other feature you need for a mobile Experience.


Key features of Shotem includes:

  • App Publishing

  • Push Notifications

  • Segmented push

  • Live chat

  • In app purchases

Builderfly Builder

This app builder makes it easier to design your own mobile app for your company. You can take entire control over the aesthetics and visuals and UX of your app. You can customize your app template to your liking. The builderfly app will do the heavy lifting for the rest.

After you've finished designing, select a platform, download the most recent build, then test it across both Android & iOS. Create and publish to various platforms all at once. Furthermore, you can keep your consumers up to date in real-time by sending push notifications right to their phones. Create precisely focused discount coupons or special offers that customers may interact with and lead them to promotional items or category pages.

You can track business customers' journeys in real-time on your smartphone app & provide fast discounts via push notifications. Increase your conversion rate with the Builderfly custom mobile app builder.


Key features of Builderfly includes:

  • Build once publish on every platform

  • Hassle free app publishing

  • Push notification

  • Track your live user behavior


With Mowico, you can integrate to your e-commerce website in a matter of seconds. Mowico works with over 60 different e-commerce platforms. Their drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to add or delete components from your e-commerce store. You could therefore test your ecommerce application across all of your devices before publishing it to the App Store or Google Play Store.


Key features of Mowico include:

  • Loyalty points

  • User profile settings

  • Multi lingual support

  • Native checkout

  • Discount codes & gift coupons

  • Hybrid checkout

  • iOS & Android

  • Wishlist

  • Push notifications and in app messaging


Builder.ai makes creating an app quick, simple, & inexpensive. There are no technical requirements. They use building blocks to stack the functionality you require, saving you both time & money. They can help you make any changes you desire so that your app is completely customized to you. You will rarely be required to speak with a programmer or perhaps an agency.

Builder.ai charges per feature or component you wish to add in your app, with all of it specified in advance on a pre-agreed Build Card. Moreover, they provide precise timetables up front, ensuring that nothing explodes out of sight later on.

They, like other bespoke e-commerce smartphone app builders platforms, provide you complete control over your code. That implies you won't have to wait for them to make modifications to your application, and you'll always be able to scale.


Key features of Builder.ai includes:

  • Cross platform sales

  • Built in analytics

  • Inventory management

  • Stronger customer support

  • Easy payments

  • Build it without coding

  • Application can be run on any public cloud

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is another custom e-commerce mobile app builder. This tool is excellent for novices since it enables you to construct an iOS/Android app without any programming expertise or abilities. You may develop an app by just inputting the name or color combinations, plus Appy Pie will offer you the choice to test it.

You will indeed be able to modify every aspect of any Android or iOS app with the Appy Pie builder. The emails, messages, or push alerts are excellent. You can quickly alert people when you've got a new item in stock or special offers. It also enables you to monetize your applications with advertisements.


The following are the key characteristics of AppyPie:

  • Professional user interface

  • Highly adaptable

  • Notifications through push

  • Text messages and emails

  • Allow discount coupons

  • Reviews & ratings


GoodBarber is another mobile app builder that allows the organization to develop professional Android & iOS apps without any coding skills required.

GoodBarber offers a variety of pre-built app templates from which to build your app. These templates are applicable to a variety of businesses, including e-commerce, media, and events. You may also modify the templates to match the style and feel of your company.


One of GoodBarber's most noticeable features is its advanced design editor. You may use this editor to change the layout, colors, fonts, and other aspects of your app. You may also create a personalized app by adding your own material, such as photographs, videos, and text.


Following are the key features of GoodBarber:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop design editor for creating custom app designs without coding.

  • Pre-built templates and design options to help you create a visually appealing app quickly and easily.

  • Wide range of plugins, extensions, and integrations, such as social media and payment gateways, to add advanced features to your app.

  • Advanced push notification system that allows you to send targeted messages to your app users.

  • Multi-language support to create apps in various languages.

  • Built-in user analytics to track your app's performance and user engagement.

  • Easy app management with a backend dashboard to make changes to your app on the go.

  • Real-time preview function to see how your app will look and function as you build it.

  • In-app purchase capabilities for monetizing your app


iBuildApp is another competitive mobile app builder in the market that offers all the standard features like other apps along with a number of unique features. They have an intutive editor that allows you to build creative apps and personalize/ customize them using their integration and plugin stack. iBuildApp also provides a variety of integration options, enabling individuals to connect their app to third-party services such as social networking, payment gateways, and more. This functionality is very beneficial for organizations who want to link their app with their existing systems and services.


Following are the key features of iBuildApp:

  • A variety of app templates available for different industries and use cases, including e-commerce, events, education, and more.

  • In-app loyalty programs and other customer engagement features to reward and retain users.

  • In-app messaging to communicate directly with app users and keep them engaged.

  • A range of publishing options, including app store publishing, custom domain publishing, and white-label app publishing.

  • One-click app updates to easily make changes and improvements to your app.

  • Advanced customization options, including custom fonts, background images, and CSS editing capabilities.

  • Social sharing features to allow users to share your app and its content on social media.

  • Offline capabilities, allowing users to create apps that can be used without an internet connection.

  • Support for a range of app features such as forms, surveys, and quizzes to help businesses collect data and engage with their users.

  • Integrations with a range of popular services such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Stripe for e-commerce functionality.

  • The ability to create and manage multiple apps from a single dashboard, making it easy for users to scale their mobile app portfolio.

  • The ability to add custom code to extend app functionality, providing more advanced users with even greater customization options.

  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorials to help users get started and make the most of the platform.

  • A free trial to test the platform before committing to a subscription plan.


AppMachine is another app builder that employs a modular building-block strategy that allows users to put together pre-built components to create specific functionality for their apps. This technique is more adaptable and customizable than many other mobile app builders.


Following are the key features of iBuildApp:

  • Modular building-block approach to app development.

  • Powerful backend system for managing app content and functionality.

  • Range of integration options with third-party services.

  • Customization options for app design and functionality.


Apphiver is another attractive substitute for quickly creating attractive & feature-rich custom mobile applications. One of the application development tool's distinguishing characteristics is real time pre viewer. Merchants use the Apphive to create stunning native Android & iOS experiences with powerful functionality that elevate the consumer experience to a completely different level.


Key features of Appmaker include:

  • Utilizing push notifications

  • Real time preview

  • Real-time synchronization with a simple drag-and-drop editor

  • App analytics in depth


Mobile app purchasing revolves around ease and speed & Mobikul can help you create an app that gives your clients exactly that. You may simply construct your Shopify app utilizing their simple guidelines in minutes.

Furthermore, Mobikul provides virtual & augmented reality choices to your consumers, resulting in increased sales & fewer returns. It's no surprise that this company has been developing mobile apps since 2005 & remains relevant today.

Key features of Mobikul Mobile App Builder include:

  • Support & assistance- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Firebase Analytics

  • Social login and sharing

  • Product Reviews

  • Image Assets for Design Publishing



An eCommerce app may help your eCommerce business by providing you mobility, increasing your reach, making it easier for your clients to shop, and a lot more. With the list of apps given above in this blog you can choose your e-commerce mobile app builder platform and create your own place for your prospective consumers' over a smartphone and allow them to buy straight from you using your unique eCommerce app.