Did you guys notice that after a bad encounter with an app or site, 79% of customers are less inclined to buy from it again? Customer satisfaction is an important factor in increasing sales and retaining clients.

When it comes to business growth, one of the most crucial KPIs to monitor is customer happiness. People's interactions with your online business, and particularly their contentment along with their experience, affect a wide variety of choices they will make with your business in the future. Their decisions can have a direct impact on your sales, engagement, and brand visibility. For example, when anyone is delighted with their purchasing experience then they are most likely to recommend it to their family, friends, and relatives.

The study reveals that what companies believe fulfills the consumer may not be what the customers want. So what exactly does the customer want?


Customers usually want knowledgeable and empathetic representatives, ready for assistance, & simplified communication processes regardless of whether they're speaking with a person or a chatbot.

Let's check out a few ways through which you can increase customer satisfaction for your e-commerce business.

Give your customers Value

Clients want to obtain the greatest value possible regardless of what they purchase and how they purchase. That doesn't indicate they're OK with sloppy or poorly crafted products. So, you need to tell customers what your item can accomplish for them. It's a smart strategy for businesses seeking methods to ensure client happiness. Here are a few suggestions for putting these concepts into practice.

You can allow them to see how their current purchase will benefit them in the long run. For example, if you business of clothing and apparel you can allow your viewers to see how the apparel will look on them using tools like AR in your mobile app or site. Furthermore, you can also make the customers feel your presence even after they have made a purchase. You may send a follow-up email asking customers about their experiences regarding the offered products or services, and also inform them that you are there to help them with any problems they may have.

Offer omnichannel support

The smooth it is for the customer to reach you, the better is their degree of satisfaction. To provide cross assistance, you must be present everywhere your clients are. Clients purchase items through a range of platforms & devices. That is why it is important to have a presence across all mediums that your consumers utilize. Among these channels are:

  • Social media assistance

  • Live chat assistance

  • Phone assistance

  • Email assistance

Omni-channel assistance not only provides customers with smooth communication between the channels, but it also helps in avoiding sharing repeat information that they may have received via some different channels. Repetition in conversation can be bad for both client and the company as it hurts the brand’s reputation.


In a nutshell, what is the single most significant advantage of cross assistance? You can converse with your consumers on their favorite mode of interaction. As a consequence, ensure that you provide high-quality assistance across all platforms. This allows you to increase brand reputation as well as client pleasure.


Collecting feedback and reviews

In an internet-dependent society, people are ready to jump on the internet and express their thoughts on goods or services. Keeping this in mind the brands must spend some time going online and checking out what other people are saying about the company. Check out what individuals appreciate and what they would like to see better. The evaluations you come across may startle you and present you with opportunities for development that you would have never considered earlier.


Testimonials/ Reviews have inspired a new mode of interaction that crosses the gap between conventional word-of-mouth and a widespread type of feedback capable of influencing customer perceptions. Do you know 72 percent of clients will not act unless they read feedback?

Understanding consumer reviews may offer your firm input on what your consumers genuinely desire, which helps with service quality and customer satisfaction.

Brands that can transform grievances into chances to create better connections with clients are more sure to grow. The following are the important customer satisfaction methods to implement:

  • You should monitor your consumers' reviews and suggestions frequently.

  • Respond to reviews or concerns as quickly as possible and effectively resolve them.

  • Demonstrate to your consumers that their problem has been addressed and solved.

Always be transparent and never suppress crucial or significant info regarding the quality of the service or product. Your primary approach to client happiness is to provide help and satisfaction.

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Create communities and leverage social media

Creating communities is an excellent approach to managing customer support, sales & promotion campaigns, and resolving consumer problems. A community leader improves your presence on social media and response. The community leader can keep track of all interactions and steer them on the proper route. They can stay updated about any product or service issues and report them to the management so that they can be resolved as soon as possible.


Forums and communities are an excellent approach to getting fresh product concepts as well as input on current and forthcoming goods. You must stay updated on social media communities and track patterns & trends to take proactive steps to remedy issues. All these activities guarantee a consistent customer experience throughout all customer touchpoints.

Here are some examples of how you can utilize social networking sites:

  • Make sure you are engaged as a customer service channel & answer to your consumers within 24 hours.

  • Organize Q&A conversations, live chats, and demonstrations.

  • Keep track of brand mentions.

You may showcase to customers the social element of your company here. Shoppers may also connect with other shoppers and offer frank feedback that can be used to generate new ideas for their businesses.

Praise Loyal Customers

Personalization is important to today's consumers. It is the driving force behind increased sales and client retention. In general, running a loyalty program is the ideal approach toprovide customers with a tailored experience since it allows you to acquire relevant consumer data more easily. And, according to statistics from customer loyalty programs, around 79 % of customers are happy with programs that feature a high amount of personalization.


Making clients experience as if they're a part of something special may go a long way towards developing loyalty and trust with your customers. Offering free items, discounts, and special buying opportunities to loyal consumers shows that you appreciate their presence and encourages them to return for more.

For example, if a given item is sold in greater quantities to return clients instead of new buyers, you may notice a higher degree of contentment with that item than one which is preferred primarily by new consumers in the long run. You may want to reconsider your product marketing strategy in light of these findings and offer promotions and discounts as per that.

Personalize the shopping experience

If you can't address the follwing question, you're passing up a huge potential to increase customer satisfaction & retention.

  • What do users want when they come to your app or site?

  • Have you made it simple for people to locate it?

  • Do you know anything concerning your customer buying habits?

Customers who have previously ordered/purchased from you are 50% more ready to consider a try on new things you introduce. They are also prepared to pay up to 31% extra for new products. Discovering them can allow you to retain a competitive advantage in a sector led by companies like Amazon.

Personalization is a vital marketing tactic that must be implemented across all channels. When it comes to email marketing, adding tailored content to communications may produce six times the number of conversions.

Similarly, displaying extremely relevant information on-site and via social networking sites will increase subscription signups, purchases, and on-site/ mobile app interaction. Creating customer segments that reflect the individuals who browse your site/app the most is the greatest method to offer tailored information.


Use this data to structure personalized marketing efforts that suit the demands of various client segments. You can deliver a customized deal and content to anyone who exhibits behavior connected with a given segment.

Personalized communications are more appealing to customers since they provide content in which they are interested. Leverage this strategy as your strength & look for methods to provide more personalized information and details to your clients to increase satisfaction.

Marketers may anticipate client demands and provide better-personalized assistance by using customer information such as the prior difficulty the customer inquired about, how old they've been as customers, and what goods they've ordered.

Give them self help option

Clients nowadays have a Google-it mindset. They prefer to get solutions to easy questions online. In the customer journey, you must provide chances for consumers to help themselves. Many consumers prefer the hands-free comfort of an information library, where they can seek knowledge without interacting with customer service agents.


You may also deploy AI-powered chatbots to provide clients with help desk articles that are of your knowledge. Customers are becoming more eager to use chatbots to solve minor issues. Furthermore, greater tickets resolved by bots equals more time for humans.

Reduce customer response time

Exceptional service is defined as delivering excellent & quick replies to customer service inquiries. A collaborative inbox may assist your staff in reviewing, assigning, and completing queries in a simplified and organized manner. Many businesses also provide self-service alternatives to their client base via a client portal, allowing clients to obtain quick answers to their queries.

Many eCommerce firms cannot handle 24-hour phone assistance, adding a live chatbot on your application/site is the ideal option to provide timely client care.


Wrapping up

Consumer satisfaction is a difficult problem for businesses since customer wants & tastes can change significantly with time. You may understand how to enhance your products in a noticeable way by developing a reliable strategy for gathering and utilizing consumer behavioral insights. Enhancing customer experience may lead to more loyal consumers, increased customer retention, and stronger, steadier, and more dependable recurring business for your firm.