“The Mobile Apps Builder offers numerous features that can help your business expand easily & quickly by allowing your customers to buy things from any location at any time. Features such as an easy-to-use interface, faster order administration, quick access to product details, available inventory data, adjustable price plans, configurable layouts, colors, & logos, and many more.”

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One of the most difficult decisions to make when creating your Shopify business is selecting the best app from the many accessible. Well, the Shopify App store has a plethora of solutions for entrepreneurs who want to improve the growth of the store or push it to the next level.

Before we get started let me take you to some statistics.

For a long time, smartphones have been a primary driving factor in e-commerce. However, possessing a mobile-optimized website is not sufficient: you should also consider developing a mobile app. According to research, 57.5% of customers believe mobile apps to be the most efficient solution to purchase. Furthermore, as compared to mobile websites, selling via a mobile app results in a 3x higher add-to-cart rate plus 2X more transactions.

If the prospect of a time-consuming & costly app development process is deterring you from transforming your website into an app, there are some simpler alternatives. Some Shopify apps allow you to construct a mobile app almost fast, eliminating the need to look for developers, wait several months, & deal with hidden charges.

Mobile Apps Builders for Shopify is a sophisticated software that enables online retailers to develop mobile applications for their consumers. It's the ideal option for major corporations who want to provide their customers with an easy-to-use, secure platform in which they can handle their sales and inventories on the move.

The Mobile App Builders give you each of the tools you need to create your personalized app in minutes! With Shopify mobile app builders, e-commerce firms can completely avoid any backend coding or programming that goes into developing apps.

You've probably heard the phrase "mobile-first." It's not just a term; 90% of all internet purchases begin with a mobile phone. You're losing out if you're not maximizing your phone shopping experience. So, how can you create an efficient & user-friendly mobile phone app?


What exactly is a Shopify app builder?

Shopify mobile app builder allows you to create an app that enables you to operate your online business from the comfort of your own home. You may add your products, handle orders, and manage stock levels via your phone or tablet using a Shopify mobile app builder. This might be an excellent approach to optimize your business online & spare up your resources for other activities. Shopify mobile app builder may also give useful information into your clients' purchasing behavior, allowing you to make more educated decisions regarding your sales & marketing strategies.

The Advantages of Using a Shopify Mobile App Builder

There are several advantages to creating an app for your shop utilizing a Shopify mobile app builder. The most obvious advantage is that it may save money & time. You do not need to engage a unique group of programmers to design your app if you use an app builder. Instead, you may utilize the builder to create the app on your own or with the assistance of just one developer. This could spare you months of development cycles plus hundreds of dollars in expenditures.

Another advantage of employing a smartphone app builder is that it might assist in creating a more distinctive and personalized consumer experience. When you use an app builder, you possess total control over the appearance, feel, or functioning of your app. This means you can design an eCommerce experience that is exclusive to your company and will stick out on the App Store.

Let's look at the top 10 Shopify options for creating a mobile application for your business. So, to shorten your research, we've compiled a list of the 5 finest applications to help you win over clients and increase sales.


In this blog we are just talking about the best Shopify mobile app builders but what if you don't own a Shopify or a woocommerce store? Can you still develop a feature-rich fully customizable app? The answer is Yes, and that is what makes Swipecart the number one mobile app builder because it allows you to turn any website into an edge-to-edge feature-rich app.

Swipecart allows you to build the app without writing even a single line of code. You can create an app in minutes and save the dollars that you would spend on IT teams and the development of the app from the ground up. Swipecart offers all the same functionalities that you would find in any other app developed by developers. It gives you the same flexibility and the power to customize every minimal thing of the app without code.

With the help of Swipecart, you can easily deliver extraordinary customer experiences and create a new mobile app marketing platform to widen your audience base. You can increase your sales, and average order values, allow quick engagement with your customers


Key features of Swipecart include:

  • No-code mobile app building

  • Create an app for free

  • Supports any website

  • Pre-optimized design & layout

  • Endless customization available

  • Huge plugins & integrations library

  • Unlimited AI-based push notification

  • Audience segmentation

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Workflow automation

  • Scheduler

  • Easy data integration

  • Analytical dashboard with all important KPI

  • Cart abandonment

  • Remarketing

  • Product recommendations

  • Live chat

  • Rapid-checkout

  • Language & currency converter

  • Discount & Promo codes

  • Rewards, loyalty programs & reviews

  • Inventory management - In/Out stock notifications

  • Returns & Delivery management

  • Fully optimized for SEO

  • 100% Responsive

  • 100% Secure

  • Swipecart guide/tutorials

  • Seamless deployment

  • Swipe Mode for enhanced user engagement

  • Studio Mode and a lot more

  • Cost-efficient with a wider feature base

  • 24hr assistance


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TapCart is a quick and easy-to-use Shopify mobile app builder. It can build a mobile app that synchronizes with the Shopify store, enhancing customer retention, engagement, and lifetime value. Tap cart may be leveraged to ease online selling & successfully find an audience of mobile consumers. Furthermore, Tapcart's support staff is always available to assist you in getting the most from your app.


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Key features of TapCart include:

  • No-code builder

  • Push notifications

  • One-click checkout

  • Marketing automation

  • Custom blocks

  • Abandoned cart

  • Free gifts

  • Product reviews and more

Plobal Mobile App Builder

Plobal mobile app builder can help you with improving conversions & revenue. This application helps in creating countdown banners, selecting a duration for them to be shown, or connecting them to certain products, collections, or categories to encourage flash deals, create urgency for customers to buy your products, or significantly increase earnings. Furthermore, this app will allow you to execute efficient retention and abandonment campaigns.


Key features of the Plobal mobile app builder include:

  • Sales banners

  • Push notifications

  • Retention and Abandonment campaigns

  • App designs & layouts

  • Product recommendations and more


MageNative is another mobile app builder that will assist you in converting your Shopify store into a Native app with numerous functionalities. MageNative can ensure its great performance by providing rapid checkout & real-time synchronization between shops and the app. With the app, you may minimize the likelihood of cart abandonment through push notifications because the app can communicate with your clients about special offers and discounts as well as upcoming events. This allows the consumer to discover convenience in the online store and enjoy purchasing from it.


Key features of Magenative include:

  • Assist you in building a smartphone app for a store

  • Deliver clients instantaneous push notifications

  • Make mobile checkout as simple as possible

  • Give them the greatest purchasing experience possible

  • Keep your customers up to date on your promotions


Shopney is another Shopify mobile app builder in our list that allows merchants to build Android and iOS applications for their businesses. It comes with an infinite number of push alerts, many integrations, and other essential features.

You may choose the appropriate theme for your brand based on its industry and inventory size.You may also convert your consumers instantaneously with live in-app chat. Shopney offers many more capabilities to use for your business, in addition, they have features, such as limitless rich push alerts, abandoned cart notifications, plus back in stock notifications.


Key features of Shnopney include:

  • Risk-free setup - requires only one day

  • 7/24 global help is available

  • Design an app for free

  • Mentorship and mobile app marketing techniques

  • You are free to cancel your subscription at any moment


Vajro provides simple setup & customization settings, albeit it does not support infinite custom design requirements. Retailers may build unique consumer experiences by utilizing its push notifications & multi-currency functionality. Nevertheless, among other significant features, Vajro doesn't include inbound lead monitoring, abandoned browsing campaigns, or deep linking.


Key features of Vajro include:

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Tech assistance for iOS and Android

  • Simple inventory synchronization with the shop

  • There are several aesthetic & functionality modification possibilities.

  • Live video selling using Facebook groups, Instagram, and so on.

  • Customers receive real-time order alerts.

  • Notifications through a push for different events

With so many fantastic features, you can sell via your Shopify mobile app in every nation on the planet.


Appmaker is another attractive substitute for quickly creating attractive & feature-rich Shopify applications. One of the application development tool's distinguishing characteristics is real-time sync. Shopify merchants use the Appmaker to create stunning native Android & iOS experiences with powerful functionality that elevate the consumer experience to a completely different level.


Key features of Appmaker include:

  • Utilizing push notifications

  • Real-time synchronization with a simple drag-and-drop editor

  • App analytics in depth


Taply, which was created exclusively for non-technical Shopify users, allows you to quickly and easily create high-performance iOS & Android applications. Taply has several wonderful features that help you to upsell & convert the majority of your clients owing to an exceptional customer experience.


Key features of Taply include:

  • Push alerts with a wide range of options

  • Customize unique pages.

  • Make interactive building blocks.

  • Smart App banners

  • Add to cart quickly to increase sales


Mobile app purchasing revolves around ease and speed & Mobikul can help you create an app that gives your clients exactly that. You may simply construct your Shopify app utilizing their simple guidelines in minutes.

Furthermore, Mobikul provides virtual & augmented reality choices to your consumers, resulting in increased sales & fewer returns. It's no surprise that this company has been developing mobile apps since 2005 & remains relevant today.


Key features of Mobikul Mobile App Builder include:

  • Support & assistance- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Firebase Analytics

  • Social login and sharing

  • Product Reviews

  • Image Assets for Design Publishing

J curve

If you're new to creating mobile apps, JCurve can help. Its step-by-step app creator allows you to create a native Shopify mobile phone app in a single day. Then, after a week, it provides you with an analytical report.


Key features of J curve Mobile App Builder includes:

  • AI product recommendations

  • Abandoned cart reminders

  • Google Analytics

  • Unlimited image push notifications

  • Push notification scheduler

  • Deep linking

  • Order notes & quick adds

Wrapping it up…

It is critical to have an easy-to-use eCommerce application with the greatest app analytics that helps both you and your consumers. A strongly secured as well as seamless shopping experience may quickly determine a company's bottom line in unexpected ways. I hope the following list assists you in making the proper selection and succeeding in your business.

Here we conclude our list of the top 10 mobile app builders for 2023. There are, however, many more. If you want to create an app for your e-commerce website, you may visit Swipecart as well as other websites of other popular mobile app builders to learn more about the pricing and features and pick the best option.