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AfterShip Order Tracking

Improve your order shipment and delivery management efficiency with the AfterShip Order Tracking app. Offer live order tracking status to customers and reduce their WISMO calls. Send automated SMS and email notifications to customers about order status to boost customer satisfaction.

AfterShip Order TrackingAfterShip Order TrackingAfterShip Order Tracking

What is AfterShip Order Tracking?

AfterShip Order Tracking is a shipment tracking tool for your app to optimize customer order delivery performance. Provide post-purchase support with better visibility over the shipment status of customer orders.

Optimize your long-term carrier strategy and increase customer retention rates by allowing your shipment management to run on autopilot.

How it works

Integrate AfterShip Order Tracking with your Swipecart app to enable proactive and automated delivery updates.

  • Branded tracking page on your app with customization options.

  • Create automated and customized communication workflows.

  • Send tracking status notifications through multiple messaging channels.

  • Address and resolve shipping issues before they reach customers.

  • Allow customers to provide shipping reviews at the right time.

  • Offer a native experience with auto-translated shipment updates.

  • Cross-sell with product recommendations on customers’ tracking pages.

  • See all your shipments in one centralized dashboard.

  • Get immediate and automated status updates from your carriers.

  • Get insights with supply chain metrics and customer tracking page visits.

How Aftership Order Tracking will help you?

Enhance the entire post-purchase customer experience by automating the order shipment tracking service.

  • Optimize your transportation network.

  • Make smarter data-driven shipping decisions.

  • Improve your business efficiency.

  • Boost customer trust and retention.

  • Increase revenues for your online store.