App Review

Add social proof to your app and gain user trust to drive app installations. Collect app reviews with the Swipecart App Review plugin and boost your App Store/ Play Store ranks.

App ReviewApp ReviewApp Review

What is App Review?

The app Review plugin allows you to request your app users to give their reviews about the app on the app store or play store.

The app Review plugin will make sure that your app ranks high on the App store / Play store. If an app has more positive reviews and ranks high, it is more likely to be discovered and downloaded. The more downloads it receives, the longer it will remain in the rankings.

How does it work?

The app Review plugin is the simplest way to collect and share your customers’ shopping experiences. You can boost conversions through positive reviews for your app and products.

  • Activate review popups aimed at time-based or activity-based triggers.

  • Leverage reviews to boost conversions

  • Increase average session length

  • Build brand loyalty

How will App Review help you?

App reviews will help you in increasing the chances of higher app traffic. You can stay ahead of the competition if your app reviews are excellent, users will prefer you over your rivals.

  • App Reviews will help in affecting people’s decision to download your app

  • Improve app store / play store rankings

  • Reviews contribute to your app branding