Social Proof

Automizely Product Reviews App

Leverage the potential of reviews as social proof to build trust, drive word-of-mouth and referrals, and maximize customer retention and sales. Grow your business by displaying authentic customer photo & video reviews at key sales points on your app.

Automizely Product Reviews AppAutomizely Product Reviews AppAutomizely Product Reviews App

What is Automizely Product Reviews?

Automizely Product Reviews is a one-stop review management tool to help you collect, import, and display reviews by customers on the app.

Get high-impact, authentic product reviews for your online store by automatically collecting reviews across multiple touchpoints. Beautifully display star ratings and reviews to build trust and drive conversion with strong social proof.

How it works

Automizely Product Reviews optimizes review generation. Enhance your brand’s reach by displaying reviews on your app, social media channels, and Google.

  • Collect reviews through automated review request emails

  • Bulk import reviews from AliExpress or your csv file

  • Display best customer reviews on product pages

  • Customize review display to suit app branding

  • Google integration to display reviews

  • Offer rewards in exchange for reviews

  • Get insights into your average ratings for each product

How Automizely Product Reviews will help you?

Integrate Automizely Product Reviews into your app on Swipecart to gather, display, manage, and analyze reviews from one place.

  • Motivate customers to be confident in their purchase

  • Encourage customers to buy more

  • Build brand credibility and reputation

  • Increase visibility on social and search

  • Increase conversion rate