Upselling & Cross-selling

Bold Upsell- True upsells!

Increase average order value by offering additional products or product upgrades to your customers. Curate your offers based on what your customer is adding to the cart or buying at checkout. Generate extra revenue for your business by upselling and cross-selling.

Bold Upsell- True upsells!Bold Upsell- True upsells!Bold Upsell- True upsells!

What is Bold Upsell- True upsells!

Bold Upsell- True upsells! is a merchandising tool to give personalized product recommendations to customers to meet their needs with increased options and better products.

Create unlimited upsells and cross-sells to encourage customers to replace the existing items in the cart with better and more products.

How it works

Identify the most effective upselling and cross-selling strategies and pitch them to your customers at crucial moments in the sales channel funnel.

  • Create multiple upsell and cross-sell campaigns

  • Offer post-purchase discounts to customers to sell more

  • Separate your trigger product or offer product in a specific variant

  • Create upsell funnels to offer multiple products

  • Customize the popup window to suit app branding

  • Analyze reports to see how your offers are performing

How Bold Upsell-True upsells! will help you?

Integrate Bold Upsell- True upsells! on your Swipecart app to offer personalized shopping experiences to your customers on the app.

  • Boost average order value

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Increase customer engagement on the app

  • Improve sales and conversions