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Booster: Discounted Upsells

Start making more sales on your app by setting up different discount upsells. Ensure your customers stay longer on the app, discover more products, and buy more by giving them more choices to shop. Encourage buyers to buy more through your upsell campaigns on the app.

Booster: Discounted UpsellsBooster: Discounted UpsellsBooster: Discounted Upsells

What is Booster: Discounted Upsells?

Booster: Discounted Upsells is a merchandising tool to upsell items to increase the average order value of the customers on your app. It lets you set attractive discounts and free offers easily

Trigger upsell popups when the customer adds a specific product to the cart. Offer customers related and better products in addition to the current items they are interested in buying.

How it works

Set upsell triggers easily on your app to persuade customers to buy upgraded versions of the chosen item or other add-ons to increase order value and maximize profits.

  • Generate AI-based auto-upsell based on order history

  • Hide upsell offer after single use

  • Adjust declined offer’s visibility period

  • Create a no-discount upsell

  • Customize discount upsell popup design

  • Apply additional discount codes together with upsells

  • Test & tweak different discount values

How Booster: Discounted Upsells will help you?

Integrate Booster: Discounted Upsells into your app on Swipecart to increase customer lifetime value and build stronger customer relationships.

  • Increase average order value (AOV)

  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Retain existing customers

  • Better conversion rates

  • Increase cart abandonment rates

  • Boost customer relationships