Buy Now Pay Later


Attract a wider audience, increase revenues, and scale your online business by providing flexible payment plans to customers. Allow customers to purchase what they want and pay for it over six weeks with no interest penalties.


What is Clearpay?

Clearpay is the European brand of Afterpay, a popular Buy Now Pay Later payment service provider. It is a point-of-sale loan offered to the shopper to empower them to buy and pay for it as per their budgeting convenience.

Grab impulse buyers and shoppers on a budget with the BNPL option. Boost product promotion and sales by allowing shoppers to buy and split their payments.

How it works

Allow customers to buy from your app now and pay later while you get paid upfront within days for the purchase. Focus on growing your business by minimizing chargeback and fraud risks.

  • One-click Clearpay integration with your app

  • Customize the BNPL widget display to suit app branding

  • Allow shoppers to select Clearpay from the payment methods available

  • Automatically display the payable installments

  • Easy sign-in for first-time Clearpay users

How Clearpay will help you?

Integrate Clearpay into your app on Swipecart to reduce abandoned carts and increase the number of buyers who will complete the purchase.

  • Attract new customers

  • Higher order value & sales

  • Reduce cart abandonment

  • Boost sales of higher ticket items

  • Convert impulse shoppers to customers