Search Optimization

Cloud Search & Product Filter

Help customers discover products faster and more efficiently than ever before. Provide them with an instant search bar at their fingertips so they don’t have to wait for pages to load or sift through irrelevant pages. Upgrade your online store with the Cloud Search & Product Filter tool to streamline your customers’ search experiences.

Cloud Search & Product FilterCloud Search & Product FilterCloud Search & Product Filter

What is Cloud Search & Product Filter?

Cloud Search & Product Filter is an advanced, easy-to-use search tool that allows your customers to search for their products instantly. With this solution, customers can discover popular and discounted items with ease, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

This advanced search technology ensures your customers get accurate and up-to-date results, saving them precious time and effort.

How it works

Integrate Cloud Search & Product Filter into your Swipecart app in one click, ensuring your customers get relevant search results every time they visit your store.

  • Easy to install and use for your store.

  • Synonyms and “did you mean?” for search result optimization.

  • Style customization option to suit your store branding.

  • Create search criteria based on price, tags, and more.

  • Create sort parameters by brand, color, size, and other filters.

  • Customize the filter & sort for each collection page.

  • Tune your search results with bestseller prioritization.

  • Search analytics to understand how customers are using your search tool.

How Cloud Search & Product Filter will help you?

Prioritize bestsellers and product promotions in the search results to improve product merchandising.

  • Optimize customers’ search experiences.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and conversions.

  • Promote products and bestsellers through search results.

  • Boost customer engagement.

  • Increase revenue and profits for your online store.