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Increase your conversion rate with a smart store search that helps you sell more. Provide your store search engine with the best functionalities and turn it into the perfect tool to sell more and offer an excellent user experience.


What is DooFinder- Product Search Bar & Filters?

DooFinder- Product Search Bar & Filters is an advanced AI-based search & filter solution to improve search results and product visibility, so your customers can find out exactly what they are looking for.

Deliver personalized results based on individual, real-time preferences in seconds. Create an environment that invites users to discover and interact with your products.

How it works

Discover new ways to increase sales by providing a superior browsing and search experience for your store. The tool is incredibly fast and adapts to user behaviors.

  • Various search interfaces to suit app branding

  • Instant search results, smart suggestions

  • Auto-complete, “Did you mean…”, synonyms understanding

  • Voice and visual search for mobile apps

  • Customize search results for merchandising

  • Display promotional banners on the search results page

How DooFinder- Product Search Bar & Filters will help you?

Integrate DooFinder- Product Search Bar & Filters into your app on Swipecart to understand customer search queries and provide them with accurate results.

  • Upsell products in the search query results

  • Promote products through display banners

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Boosts your sales through search results