EasySell- COD Form & Upsells

Sell more and drive profits to your store with a complete solution to manage your COD business. It has a complete set of tools to build customized COD forms, integrate with Google Sheets, OTP verification, and bundle & quantity offers to increase AOV and boost your store’s growth.

EasySell- COD Form & UpsellsEasySell- COD Form & UpsellsEasySell- COD Form & Upsells

What is EasySell- COD Form & Upsells?

EasySell- COD Form & Upsells is a tool to take your store’s COD business to the next level. It simplifies the cash payment process for customers and helps you avoid fake orders by verifying phone numbers with OTP sent through SMS.

Bundle offers through upsells and quantity offers. Track events with Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google tracking pixels.

How to use it?

Integrate the Easysell- COD Form & Upsells tool into your Swipecart app to allow customers the flexibility to pay cash on delivery.

  • Customize the COD form for your store.

  • Incentivize prepaid orders by offering discounts.

  • Disable Shopify’s automatic discount for COD orders.

  • Add quantity offers, discounts & post-purchase customer support, or upsells.

  • Export orders automatically to Google Sheets.

  • Verify Customer phone numbers through OTP.

  • Get client IP addresses and allow or block them.

  • Prevent fake orders by limiting orders to certain IP addresses.

  • Allow only a number of orders per IP address within a number of hours.

  • Add tracking pixels to track events and conversions.

How EasySell- COD Form & Upsells will help you?

This COD tool will help you increase average cart value while boosting customer confidence and revenue for your store.

  • Increase the cart value of customers

  • Increase conversions and retentions

  • Build customer trust & loyalty

  • Increase AOV & customer LTV

  • Boost sales and profits