Facebook Conversion Tracking

Power your app through useful app analytics by integrating the Facebook Conversion Tracking tool into your Swipecart app. Track user activities and study how and what your users do on the app, from product pages visited to search queries used.

Facebook Conversion TrackingFacebook Conversion TrackingFacebook Conversion Tracking

What is Facebook Conversion Tracking?

Facebook Conversion Tracking is a tool to collect information about how your app is performing, including details that drive conversion and sales.

Track how customers are interacting with your app and what actions they are taking. Gain invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences and improve the app’s efficiency.

How it works

Integrating the Facebook Conversion Tracking tool with your Swipecart app helps you track key events to boost sales ad conversions.

  • Analyze metrics to understand the behavior and needs of the audience.

  • Gather insights about pre-defined app events through Facebook.

  • Analyze metrics essential to tracking the progress of your business goal.

  • Get data-driven insights into app issues and learn why users are not engaging with your app.

  • Get insights on user acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue.

How Facebook Conversion Tracking will help you?

Understand your customers on a deeper level and optimize the app to try and reach its full potential.

  • Improve the app’s design and functionality.

  • Improve business efficiency by tracking progress towards your goals.

  • Maximize ROI across different performance aspects.

  • Get insights into powerful app metrics.