Facebook Conversion Tracking

Drive more app traffic and conversions with ads optimized for Facebook. Track the success of Facebook marketing campaigns to see which ads are resulting in sales or other conversions and which are not. Make better-informed decisions about ad budget, products, and services.

Facebook Conversion TrackingFacebook Conversion TrackingFacebook Conversion Tracking

What is Facebook Conversion Tracking?

Facebook Conversion Tracking is a tool to collect information about how your Facebook ads are performing, including the ads that drive the most conversions and at what cost.

Track how customers from Facebook are interacting with your app and what actions they are taking. Create custom audiences based on user activities and target ads at those who have already shown an interest in your app or product.

How it works

Create a conversion-tracking Facebook Pixel and integrate it with your Swipecart app to track conversions and clicks on your Facebook ads.

  • Create custom audiences based on user activities

  • Target ads to customers who have shown buying intent

  • Retarget ads to improve click-through to specific product pages

  • Facebook ads for app installation & sign up promotions

  • Redirect new audiences to install & download the app

  • Retarget customers with wishlist and abandoned cart ads

How Facebook Conversion Tracking will help you?

Connect your Swipecart app with Facebook Conversion Tracking to optimize lead-generation ads and compare the performance of different campaigns.

  • Measure the ROI of your Facebook ad campaigns

  • Identify the most effective ads

  • Create optimized ads on Facebook

  • Improve customer retention rate

  • Boost conversion and sales