Flits: Customer Account Page

Simplify customer shopping experiences on your app with a range of features including social login, saving favorite products to wishlist, reward programs, and more. Increase business productivity and know your customers better by bringing all customer data unified into one dashboard.

Flits: Customer Account PageFlits: Customer Account PageFlits: Customer Account Page

What is Flits: Customer Account Page?

Flits: Customer Account Page is a customer profile management tool to easily get an overview and manage your customer account page data. It summarizes all your shopper data in one place- profile, store credits, wishlist, reorders, recently viewed products, delivery address, and more.

Improve customer shopping experiences by providing them with social login, wishlist, and store credits.

How it works

Understand your customer better and increase sales by viewing their profiles and their interaction inside the app.

  • Unified dashboard for customer account page

  • Overview of customer profile and much more

  • Order history, re-order, recently viewed items, delivery address

  • Collect important data with custom fields

  • Get data in numbers, text, dates, time, and documents

How Flits: Customer Account Page will help you?

Integrate Flits: Customer Account Page to know how your customers interact with the app, strengthen relationships, and personalize marketing campaigns.

  • Improve shopping experiences

  • Reduce cart abandonment

  • Increase repeat purchases

  • Boost brand advocacy

  • Encourage more engagement

  • Increase online sales & conversions