Social Proof


Get Instagram images and UGC into your app to help influence customers’ buying decisions and increase app conversions. Get customers to buy products from the app with relevant Instagram photos and user-generated content at the point of sale.


What is FourSixty?

Turn your e-commerce app into an exciting social media-like shopping experience for your customers with the Foursixty social proof tool.

It allows you to insert Instagram images and user-generated content (UGC) anywhere inside your app, such as on product pages to convert prospects into loyal customers for your brand.

How it works?

Integrate shoppable Instagram and user-generated content (UGC) galleries into any location on your app for maximizing social proof. Display the best UGC images from Instagram on your product detail page and convert on-the-fence shoppers into loyal customers.

  • Choose between different gallery styles

  • Product-specific Instagram galleries

  • Customers can add products from Instagram shoppable images to their car

  • Access popular posts that tag or mention your brand on Instagram.

  • Collaborate with brand advocates, creators, and fans

  • Add Instagram galleries to your app

  • Get insights into data points to improve content plans

How Foursixty will help you?

Integrate FourSixty with your Swipecart app to schedule your content, make it shoppable, and publish it on the go on Instagram.

  • Increase brand awareness on Instagram

  • Boost social proof through tags & mentions

  • Drive app conversions

  • Increase sales by influencing buying decisions

  • Get insights into data points to improve content plans