Upselling & Cross-selling

Frequently Bought Together

Increase average order value and sell more by promoting frequently bought together products across your app based on what different audience segments have purchased. Influence customer buying decisions and drive them to add more items to their cart.

Frequently Bought TogetherFrequently Bought TogetherFrequently Bought Together

What is Frequently Bought Together?

Frequently Bought Together is a product recommendation tool to cross-sell products to customers. Use this tool to recommend products complementary to the items in their cart.

Personalize customer shopping experiences based on users’ purchase history, items they have rated and reviewed, items they have looked at and not purchased, and what other buyers of those same items have viewed and bought.

How it works

Increase app engagement and unleash the power of upselling with personalized recommendations and discounts.

  • AI-drive smart product recommendations

  • Create dynamic product bundles to drive sales

  • Add four different types of bundle discounts

  • Set theme styles to suit app branding

  • Manage product recommendations and discounts

How Frequently Bought Together will help you?

Integrate Frequently Bought Together with your Swipecart app to smartly cross-sell and upsell products to your customers.

  • Improve product discoverability

  • Raise customer satisfaction

  • Improve conversion rates

  • Increase average order value

  • Boost customer shopping experiences

  • Drive sales and growth