Google Analytics

Improve marketing campaigns, drive app traffic, and engage customers in the app with in-depth data on app users and their activities. Identify trends and patterns in how users engage on your app and use these reports for advertising, acquisition, and conversion.

Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an analytics tool to track your store performance and collect user insights. Discover patterns and trends in user engagement, and obtain user information such as demographics to help you in your business decisions.

Connect your app to Google Analytics and see the complete sales funnel for conversions. Get accurate data, insights, and full access to key performance indicators for your app.

How it works

Access data visualization and monitoring tools including dashboards and graphs that capture data in real time.

  • Custom reports for audience behavior and activities on the app

  • Segmentation for analysis of subsets such as conversions

  • User level, session level, page view level & event-level analytics

  • Analysis of app performance KPIs such as sessions and bounce rate

  • Predictive analytics and anomaly detection

  • Data filtering and funnel analysis

How Google Analytics will help you?

Integrate your app with Google Analytics to make better-informed business decisions to drive app traffic and sales.

  • Optimize ad campaign

  • Improve app visibility

  • Get more app downloads

  • Boost customer satisfaction

  • Drive sales and conversion