Google Conversion Tracking

Optimize your ad spends and convert more by measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Track your mobile app conversions on Google to find out which strategies are worth the investment. Get a bigger better picture of your app marketing campaign instantly.

Google Conversion TrackingGoogle Conversion TrackingGoogle Conversion Tracking

What is Google Conversion Tracking?

Google Conversion Tracking is an analytics tool to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Track app downloads, first opens, and in-app actions such as purchases to get an insight into app promotion results.

Connect your app with Google Conversion Tracking to track your app installs, app engagement, and pre-registration campaigns.

How it works

Track conversions acquired from the click of ads that you have put up using the Google Ads platform.

  • Set up an account in Google Ads for conversion tracking

  • Measure the key metrics of your Google ads campaign

  • Identify keywords that act for your campaign

  • Understand how customers interact with your ads

  • Fine-tune your app campaign for better results

How Google Conversion Tracking will help you?

Connect your app to the Google Conversion Tracking tool to design better campaigns, compare different campaigns, and improve conversions.

  • Track ad performance locally & globally

  • Optimize your ad spend

  • Understand customers better

  • Boost app visibility

  • Build brand awareness

  • Increase app installs

  • Drive sales and profits