Customer Support

Gorgias-Helpdesk & Live Chat

Grow through exceptional customer service and enhanced support. Answer customer queries in minutes and offer personalized shopping experiences on your app. Automate support and resolve queries faster by centralizing all your support tickets in one place.

Gorgias-Helpdesk & Live ChatGorgias-Helpdesk & Live ChatGorgias-Helpdesk & Live Chat

What is Gorgias- Helpdesk & Live Chat?

Gorgias-Helpdesk & live Chat is a conversational tool to increase customer engagement on your app and increase conversions. Retain your customers for longer with this revenue-focused customer service tool.

Accelerate online growth through happier customers. Improve customer satisfaction through live chats. Reduce shopping friction for customers by being with them 24*7.

How it works

Provide customers with fast and personalized help and turn your customer support into a profit center for your business.

  • Prioritize email, chat, voice, SMS, social media DMs & comments in a single feed

  • View, edit, refund, and cancel orders without leaving the chat’s customer view

  • Answer queries instantly with automated responses

  • Get to view full customer text before answering

  • View customer orders and conversation history

How Gorgias- Helpdesk & Live Chat will help you?

Integrate Gorgias- Helpdesk & Live Chat with your app on Swipecart to convert shoppers to loyal customers.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Provide personalized shopping experiences

  • Convert shoppers to loyal customers

  • Improve brand trust and credibility

  • Drive sales and conversion