Heap is a digital analytics platform to help you in improving the conversion, retention, and shopping experience of customers. It shows you every action by the user on the product and app and then provides direction on improvements in data-driven decisions.


What is Heap?

Heap Analytics is a product analytics tool to track real-time data. It creates reports based on user activities and events like clicks, taps, swipes, and more without needing to set up event tracking beforehand.

This user-friendly intuitive tool makes it suitable to get real-time insights into user actions and create actionable improvements to ensure enjoyable user experiences.

How it works?

Analyze the complete dataset to access hidden insights into user journeys and act quickly. Optimize data and make impactful improvements to bring new features and experiences to your app.

  • Get complete granularity into each interaction along the app user journey

  • Use segments for user activity tracking based on custom constraints

  • Access real-time data at virtually any scale with easy graphical layouts.

  • Analyze different attribute groups

  • Access session replays directly & create graphs based on specific events

How Heap will help you?

Integrate Heap into your Swipecart app to set automated tracking and capturing tools beforehand for user activities and events.

  • Understand customer needs with actionable insights

  • Uncover blind spots in your online business with real-time data

  • Leverage data to improve campaigns

  • Boost customer experiences.