Social Proof

Collect and display product reviews and star ratings on autopilot. Build trust and increase conversion rate by sharing reviews and other user-generated content like photos and videos. Curate social proof to generate organic traffic and boost buyer engagement.

What is Product Reviews? Product Reviews is a tool to automate and customize review collection and display. Schedule automatic emails and review widgets for your app to collect reviews or import them from other channels.

Customize the review display on your app on product pages or at maximum-impact places on the sales funnel to increase conversions.

How it works

Improve sales by showcasing reviews and UGC on storefront widgets, sharing them on social media, and adding stars on the Google search engine for SEO.

  • Product reviews with text, photos, videos

  • Unlimited review requests, orders, and imports

  • Customize review display through widgets and themes

  • Question & Answers (Q&A), custom forms for survey

  • Automatic review push to Facebook, Instagram, and much more

  • Incentivize reviews with coupons

  • SEO-rich snippets to mark up in Google search

How Product Reviews will help you?

Integrate Product Reviews on your Swipecart app to convince potential shoppers to convert into customers.

  • Increase social proof by displaying reviews

  • Build customer trust through product reviews

  • Increase app visibility on App Store/Play Store through reviews

  • Enhance customer engagement on your app

  • Use reviews to optimize ad campaigns

  • Grow more sales & conversions