Loyalty & Rewards


Create loyalty programs for cost-effective acquisition and to drive in more revenue from your existing customers. Engage with them through a customized loyalty program and build better customer relationships.


What is LoyaltyLion?

Loyaltylion is a tool that builds your brand community on mobile through engaging reward programs.

It boosts your app’s repeat purchase rates and drives renowned brand advocacy from your existing customers. It decreases your dependency on excessive discounting and acquisition strategies while helping you protect your profit margins.

How it works?

Encourage customers to gain points for all actions performed on the app - from purchases to referrals. Give them more reasons to interact with your brand.

  • Create custom loyalty programs with personalized communication

  • Create loyalty program tiers to offer exclusive experiences

  • Identify valuable customer segments and offer experiential rewards.

  • Allow users to exchange points for vouchers, gift cards, or custom rewards.

  • Integrate loyalty program data into your marketing activity.

  • Continually optimize your loyalty program with advanced customer insights

How LoyaltyLion will help you?

Integrate LoyaltyLion with your Swipecart app to create a unique loyalty program that reflects your brand identity. Reward shoppers for every app interaction to build an engaging relationship

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Improve customer relationships

  • Increase repeat purchases

  • Optimize ad campaigns

  • Make more informed business decisions.