Social Media Management


Create, schedule, and publish social posts across all your favorite social media platforms. Track which posts drive the most sales. Retain the acquired customers through loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and much more to drive continuous sales.


What is Marsello?

Marsello is an all-in-one social media management tool to manage your social media profiles. It has marketing tools to retain and grow your customer base. It lets you schedule & publish to various social media platforms and also track results.

Drive traffic from social channels to your app with its marketing tools including loyalty programs, email & SMS campaigns, audience segmentation, automation, recommendations, reviews, referrals, and much more.

How it works

Build profitable customer relationships with automation and marketing tools. Nurture customers and drive sales throughout the entire customer journey.

  • Schedule and post on social media channels from a unified dashboard

  • Track social media marketing campaigns

  • Design push notification, email, & SMS campaigns

  • Create loyalty programs such as referrals and coupons

  • Generate lead forms to grow the customer base

  • Segment audience for targeted marketing

  • Product recommendations for personalized experiences

  • Sales tracking through reports and dashboards.

How Marsello will help you?

Integrate Marsello into your app on Swipecart to increase revenue from customers through smart loyalty and marketing tools.

  • Build customer relationships

  • Grow repeat sales and average order size

  • Increase customer acquisition & retention

  • Build customer trust & loyalty

  • Drive conversion and sales