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Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

Limit purchase quantity on your app efficiently by applying restrictions and conditions for your cart, specific product, or groups. Set limit orders for sale items, free, and shipping items to help you manage sales and improve customer shopping experiences.

Order Limits ‑ MinMaxifyOrder Limits ‑ MinMaxifyOrder Limits ‑ MinMaxify

What is Order Limits- Minmaxify?

Order Limits- MinMaxify is a simple-to-use and advanced app to automate the application of restrictions to your cart ordering procedure. It helps you set minimum and maximum product and cart limits for your orders, from basic to advance

Stimulate more customer shopping and simply the process by nudging customers to add items to the cart to benefit from the sales. Also, get more control over the selling process of your store.

How it works

Streamline the implementation of restrictions on your cart ordering process by applying rules for purchase and checkout. Gently remind customers to adhere to your rules and successfully complete their purchases.

  • Limit orders for sale, free & shipping items

  • Apply rules to product groups, collection-specific limits, and tag-based limits

  • Indicate essentials and maximum to safeguard what you sell

  • Define items in any quantity multiples

  • Reminder to customers to add or remove items

How Order Limits- MinMaxify will help you?

Integrate Order Limits-MinMaxify to your app on Swipecart to define minimum and maximum product and cart limits for your orders.

  • Easily set order sizes without coding

  • Manage inventory and items easily

  • Safeguard what you sell by applying limits

  • Increase customer shopping experiences