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Product Filter & Search

Sell more with a time-tested proven method using the advanced filter & search tool. Enhance customer shopping experiences with product filtering features and help them to find exactly what they want.

Product Filter & SearchProduct Filter & SearchProduct Filter & Search

What is Boost Product Filter & Search?

Boost Product Filter & Search is an advanced search tool having collection filtering, search bar optimization, merchandising, and behavior analytics features to upgrade the default search and filter for your app.

Optimize conversion rates by setting up strategic triggers to promote the right products to the right customers.

How it works

Help shoppers find what they want within milliseconds with advanced filter and search options. Sell more with merchandising features and redirect shoppers to your recommended products.

  • Custom filter trees for different collections and categories

  • Unlimited filter options by tag, variant, sale%, reviews, meta field, and more

  • Smart search bar with instant auto-suggestion

  • Spell check & custom search filter option

  • Synonyms, redirects, stop words, and full-text search features

  • Redirect shoppers to the relevant page for no-result search queries

  • Report on popular search queries & no-result cases

How Boost Product Filter & Search will help you?

Integrate Boost Product Filter & Search into your app on Swipecart to enhance your e-commerce search and upgrade the search experience of your customers.

  • Improve customer shopping experiences

  • Increase conversions and satisfaction

  • Promote products by upselling

  • Insightful analytics with search behavior report