Product Recommendation

Get insights from user behavior from your app and display the most relevant products to your customers by using Swipecart’s AI-based product recommendation.

Product RecommendationProduct RecommendationProduct Recommendation

What is Product Recommendation?

The product recommendation plugin will evaluate information about shoppers to determine what sorts of items and services they are interested in.

They display contextually relevant offers & product recommendations that resonate with individual customers according to their search behavior & product preferences.— this helps in boosting your revenue.

How does it work?

Personalize customer buying journey by recommending products. Built-in product suggestion tool to increase sales and revenue.

  • Suggest products to customers to improve their shopping experience.

  • Increase app engagement & session length

  • Top up sales by upselling & cross-selling

How will Product Recommendation help you?

Swipecart product recommendation engines are essentially data filtering technology that employs algorithms & user intent or user behavior data to recommend the most relevant items to them.

  • Excellent tool for retaining repeat business flow

  • Attracts customer attention

  • Increase sales

  • Increase AOV (Average Order Value)

  • Improve navigation and discovery